Microsoft warned by the EU, "unreasonable pricing"

By Justin Mann on March 1, 2007, 10:58 AM
The EU and Microsoft just can't seem to see eye to eye. After years and years in the courts and a guilty verdict a few years back, the EU has forced Microsoft's hand in releasing certain information that will help other companies create inter-compatible software with Windows and its components. Now, however, the EU is displeased with the way they are making that information available, and is threatening more fines. The reason? They are charging too much for it:

In the statement, Commissioner Neelie Kroes argues that the firm agreed the cost of access to its protocols should be determined by how innovative they are. Now the EC says the protocols are not innovative enough to justify the prices Microsoft is charging.
To their credit, Microsoft has solicited for feedback on their pricing system in this regards. Could they be headed back to the courts over pricing? MS certainly is not getting any breaks in Europe.

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God DAMN I'm not a huge Microsoft fan or anything but wtf is Europe doing?!? this is straight up targeting for no good reason? over pricing!?!? STUPID! I wish I could sue the home owners here in California for charging a ridicules amount for rent and homes for straight up being greedy but i can't, thats how the market works, thats capitalism. Europe needs to understand that thats how competition works and if the price is really too high then they can come up with their own shit or not buy it.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
It's not for "no good reason". All companies that don't follow EU rules are targeted.For example, lift business was fined for 992 million euros recently: [url=
king37.htm]EU fines lift cartel 992m for price-fixing[/url]Competition works by allowing it.
otester said:
330 for Vista Ultimate is insane.
cbarv said:
Imagine this. Microsoft charging to much for shotty software especially when it comes to this years line of software. I don't that this is about competition. Microsoft doesn't seem to have any real competition. I am sure they know it and are taking total advantage of it. Lack of competition pretty means that they can charge whatever the heck they want. I am glad to see that someone is going after Microsoft. The consumer has been getting raped by them long enough. I hope the EU really socks it to em.
drsherlock said:
Microsoft OS is a good tool that allows standardization of application programs. However, I agree the Vista prices are ridiculous. However, it would be OK if Microsoft simply guarantees their quality - another words very few bugs for each baseline release (such as SP releases). Its like buying a $50,000 car and you spend most of you time at the repair shop.
Mistah_2 said:
Someone has to pay for the excessive fines imposed by the EU on Micro$oft. I suspect EU consumers will be the ones that have to suffer.
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