Report: Gaming is the most popular online activity in the US

By on August 17, 2007, 5:30 PM
Despite the popularity of social networking and video sharing sites, gaming is the most popular online activity in the US with some 34 percent of adult web users playing online games at least once a week , according to a new report issued by research firm Parks Associates.

Online video came in as the second most popular activity, with 29 percent of users watching short clips weekly, while social networking rounded out the top three at 19 percent. To a great extent, casual games have been responsible for the success of online gaming, according to research analyst for Parks Associates James Kuai. Marketers should be cautious not to overlook games when investing online as it has some business advantages over other online activities:

“Unlike sites for social networking and video streaming, which rely solely on advertising revenue, casual gaming has more mature and heterogeneous revenue models, including Web-based and in-game advertising, try-before-you-buy, subscriptions, and micro-transactions.”
Sites like Yahoo Games and EA's offer users access to a wealth of ad-supported games, where sponsors have options for branding opportunities, and display and banner ad placements. However, "the casual gaming industry cannot rest on its laurels," says the report, as online video is set to challenge the favorite online activity spot. Compared to a year ago, online video rose 123 percent compared to a 79 percent increase for online gaming.

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TimeParadoX said:
Gaming will probably always be the most popular online activity, there is almost new games every month or so and if you play Flash games those come out like 15 times a day :D
eddie_42 said:
true enough...also account for the millions that play Warcraft, EQ2, anarchy, Xbox live and the like.
To be honest I'm a gamer myself...But Sites like you tube probably have new shit like 15 times per second! An unsophisticated person which is the majority is just more likely to be satisfied with videos than wanting to figure out for 45 minutes how to install and then learn to play it after buying it that is!! I game a lot while almost never watching videos online but when u think about it sites like you tube are new and they just could be more popular in the future! now I also argue though that games can offer new stuff and greater experiences that videos are just gonna run out of you know? In the end I'm hopeful that gaming will figure out how to prove that its just superior to videos which are mindless entertainment really like a TV! Its possible too that people will just be more informed that gaming will bring them more happiness than a video which could be funny or weirdly disturbing during those times they owe to themselves to have fun. Well thats what I think LOL later
PanicX said:
The title of this article is misleading, and the content of the [url=
instance_code=parksassociates&article_id=4579]source is fairly ambiguous[/url] as well. Basically the article only compares 3 activities and claims gaming is the most popular of the 3, which doesn't amount to the most popular online activity. Personally, I believe that the adult entertainment industry (porn) is the most popular web entertainment activity on the web, but it's not included in this survey.
Fornacis said:
what else is the interweb for? Gaming!!!
Nirkon said:
this doesn't make that much sense... when you say '34 percent of adult web users playing online games at least once a week'..I do every freaking thing on the list once a week.... that doesn't make one thing the most popular.... 34 percent play games.. why can't i play, watch videos, and surf the internet all at once?...
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