Nintendo Wii to get a facelift soon?

By Justin Mann on October 5, 2007, 8:30 PM
The arguable champ of current-gen consoles, the Wii, might be preparing to put on a new face for the holidays. While very vague at the moment, it seems that Nintendo might be looking to push the success of their console even further with the introduction of a new Wii sometime soon.

A new Wii? That certainly is vague – but completely plausible. Sony has changed the PS3's lineup multiple times since its release - though it hasn't helped sales much - and Microsoft has made many changes over the life of the Xbox 360. Nintendo has remained fairly static with their offering probably because if something is working great there's no need to mess with it, not to mention they have barely been able to keep up with demand. However, there's still tons of room for improvement – DVD playback appears to be the #1 request, among others which Nintendo has claimed at some point they want to include.

Given their willingness to “theme” items in the past, like the DS Lite, it's possible it may be a simple superficial change. Regardless, I cant help but wonder what Nintendo has in store.

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Nirkon said:
Forget the facelift, get a graphic-capability lift and im hoppin' on the train :)
TimeParadoX said:
Games arn't all about graphics you know?If you play the games just for the pretty pictures then you should save your money for something else :|
wolfram said:
Yeah, that's what the 360, PC and PS3 are for.... Excellent HD graphics =)Let the Wii keep its GameCube-like graphics ;)
Nirkon said:
@TimeParadoXI'd be happy with good graphics and not excellent ones!but I saw the horror of the Wii graphics!!!they are not good, they are below average!just make them good and im in :)
Julio said:
With Wii sales going through the roof I see no motivation for Nintento to try something like shipping a speedier more capable version of the console, not to mention the games would have to be optimized for the slower (current) console anyway, so it's a no go, that's how the console world works.I have a Wii and I agree, graphics are sub-par to other current generation consoles, but like everyone else mentioned they intend gameplay to be the sales factor, not graphics, and they have succeeded so far.I recently bought Mario Party 8 to play with the wife, and it's a very entertaining game no matter what the reviews say, my wife loves it. At first instance I did get pissed about the awful graphics (even worse on a HDTV) and lack of widescreen support but gameplay is polished enough that you can tell the game is focused on something else, and like the console itself, it succeeds at that.[Edited by Julio on 2007-10-06 15:31:33]
buttus said:
I'd buy one in a second...IF it was capable of HD. I have a 42in TV and any standard signal looks like absolute garbage unless it is HD.I can also say that the inclusion of that rubber sleeve for the Wii remote is also making a Wii much more attractive as I can most definately see my 7 yr old getting carried away and throwing the controller right into the middle of my lcd.
Canadian said:
I will be kinda pissed if they release a upgraded one, since I feel they would be screwing their existing customer base.
Julio said:
As Justin mentioned on the news post, Nintendo should be willing to release a software update that enables DVD playback. Hardware-wise the Wii is said to handle that without a problem and with the Wiimote, it's only natural to use it as a remote for that kind of task as well.
icye said:
Comparing the X-box 360, PS3, high-end PC running DX10 to the Wii is unfair, its like comparing a high-end Ferrari to a lowly Toyota Primus. The Ferrari may get their faster but the Toyota can still do its job from getting to point A to point B.Its very hard to find Wiis on store shelves, whereas X-box 360s and PS3s are easily found. Wii is all about fun for gamers and non-gamers. How many consoles out there can involve people who don't play video games without learning frustrating gameplay controls. Graphics only touch the surface of the game, there is more to a game such as story, how the gameplay controls are like.
9Nails said:
The Wii is in a bit of a pickle. You can't just replace the graphics mid-stream without changing the hardware spec's. The result would be games for Wii-1 and games for Wii-2 with only 1 year into the generation. And this would bite Nintendo in the butt if they pulled a move like this. Graphics will have to stay the same the same, but perhaps some filter can assist with up-scaling to HD monitors while adding the ubiquitous DVD playback feature.I'd expect the added SKU to be more along the lines of a special edition Mario Galaxy system since it worked so well with Halo. At the least it would be a Black version of the Wii. At most it would be a very gentle hardware augmentation to perhaps reduce manufacturing costs, nothing drastic.
Julio said:
That's very likely to happen... expect Wiis in different colors, and newer game bundles although Wii Sports is such a good showcase for understanding how the controls work.
Fornacis said:
Nintendo has offered different colors since the Nintendo 64. I bet they are just offering different color consoles like all Nintendo products.
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