Google defends Android

By Justin Mann on November 14, 2007, 11:52 AM
Perhaps in retaliation to Microsoft's lampooning of them or just to re-assure their userbase, Google has sought fit to explain and justify their recent launch of the Android SDK. The project, which has its roots in Linux, aims to offer an open platform for mobile phones and PDAs. Given that the current players in that market are already very well entrenched (such as Microsoft and Nokia), Google is treading over some thick ice that may be difficult to break.

Their assertion is that the cost of hardware has been falling for mobiles, whereas how much the software on the phones cost, relatively, has been rising. They also see a lack of innovation, and believe that an open source environment will not only encourage innovation and software development, but ultimately lower the cost of phones. Of course, offering $10 million to aspiring developers helps as well.

They made it a point to mention similar projects, like OpenMoco, that offer an open-source platform for a phone. Google's efforts are different, they claim, due to the momentum it has in the industry along with the mass of Google itself backing up their new endeavor. Time will tell, of course, and a year from now we'll see if this was the right choice.

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phantasm66 said:
I think Android sounds great. Its so open. Its just what these kinds of devices need - an environment that welcomes me writing my own Java apps and running them on there. The iPhone is a wonderful piece of hardware... but its software is too locked up. Android is all about being open. There will be all kinds of great open source software for this platform, wait and see.
Julio said:
For me Android is nothing else than a PR move from Google, and like they said "using their momentum" in the corporate world to push a cross company deal among providers and makers. Still, nothing I can be very excited about.
PanicX said:
I fear a vaporware like scenario where this will actually stifle innovation as the market waits for devices that support android to come to market. And even when it does arrive, will there be enough manufacturers supporting the OS to make it worth the effort. Because unless it gets the majority of devices under its umbrella, they're just adding yet another OS for phone software vendors to code for and creating additional complication in an already overly complex market. I'd love to see an open source mobile phone so that I can setup my own scripts and customize applications to help with my day to day tasks. But Trolltech has already shown how easy it is for this type of project to fail.
phantasm66 said:
[url][/url]Well, I hope it does work out. I've had a look at the SDK, and its really nice. It looks so simple to create applications. ( [url][/url] ) Its captured my imagination anyway.
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