Microsoft extends XP Home until 2010

By Justin Mann on April 3, 2008, 7:32 PM
Public outcry over the loss of Windows XP has arrived to Microsoft, who has relented on their decision to pull it from retail this year. Now, XP or at least XP Home, will continue to be available for a further two years or possibly longer, letting people and retailers continue to get licenses. The reason? Microsoft cites strong future demand for XP Home on less powerful machines such as the Asus Eee PC.

Low-power, low-cost devices have become popular, finding a niche among extremely powerful multi-core machines. The lack of RAM, GPU, and CPU power limit how well Vista functions on these machines to the point where forcing users to upgrade just isn't an option.

But will they do this for XP Pro? While it seemed unlikely in months prior, it seems like a possibility now. Let's also remember than XP SP3 is slated for release in the next few months. Microsoft's original plans were for so-called mainstream PCs to all carry Vista starting this June.

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canadian said:
Honestly, why dont they just take Vista Basic and try and slim it down more?
jesse_hz said:
Because then you'd have something worse than XP.
windmill007 said:
Ahhh just long enuff for them to release the next Windows .. Skippin Vista ...
Per Hansson said:
And in other news Hell just froze over!
buttus said:
Microsoft is not one to walk away from any market, let alone an emerging one such as the ultra low cost mobile. I am somewhat surprised that MS hasn't "slimmed" the OS down to accomidate the smaller HDD's in these devices ie Windows Lite.
icye said:
This is significant because Microsoft finally realized that most people don't really want Vista on their systems and forcing them to change is not working.
nathanskywalker said:
Surprise surprise. Xp really was a good Os, and Vista had some unique concepts, but they were poorly implemented. To bad, it's quite likely Xp will be around at least until "7."
9Nails said:
For all of Vista security, the OS should run much slower than it does. However, driver performance from 3rd party is holding the system back even greater. People have learned how to tune XP drivers for performance, and that's still at the heart of the matter.Vista still has a ton of art that would need to be replaced in order to slim it down, and that would take a lot of money which this low-power computing market hasn't justified yet.Windows XP Homes brings a nice short term solution until the market takes off. Microsoft knows that if they refused to keep XP around, Linux would have penetrated this market. And Microsoft should refuse to give up any more market share. Especially knowing that Apple has all ready taken more than it's share from the laptop segment.
icye said:
Windows XP Professional support should be extended also because a lot of people feel that Vista isn't the right OS for their needs, Microsoft should respect their wishes. If MS doesn't and screw the customers, they will go to Apple or Linux with no regrets.
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