Blu-ray sales slow despite of lack of competition

By Justin Mann on May 1, 2008, 1:26 PM
Blu-ray may be the victor in the optical hi-def market, but the real war may be in getting customers to actually ditch the standard DVD first. It seems that Blu-ray is struggling, with sales for the year being so dismal that the NPD will not even release sales information beyond a few figures. Sales for Blu-ray devices dropped a massive 40% at the beginning of the year, and have since only risen 2% back up.

That's going to be hardware for the manufacturers and retailers to swallow. Equally difficult to overcome, though, is the price tag for equipment, with Blu-ray standalone players still costing $300 and up. Towards the end of this year that may change, with potential price cuts in the works, but as it stands the Blu-ray market is sitting stagnant.

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nirkon said:
what did they think that would happen? either they were so naive to think bluray is the best format ever,or that hddvd was the only thing in the way stopping it from being in every home.
whiffen said:
Most users including myself are content with DVD. Right now I don't see any reason for me to spend that much money for a product when I am already happy with whats available for cheap. Sure I'd love to switch over but I don't see any reason to at the moment. When the price goes down, I'll make the switch.
mailpup said:
The day or the day after Toshiba threw in the towel I went to Best Buy to shop for a Blu-ray player. They only had two models in stock plus a refurbished one. I've been back since but their stock hasn't improved. It's not easy to find what you want. BTW, I already had a Blu-ray disc or two so I had already decided to go with Blu-ray before Toshiba quit.
gomajuhshi said:
what did they think would happen.. dvd is good enough. adopting blu-ray = HD TV + blu-ray player + blu-ray movies. i'm sure playing dvds off a high def tv is good enough for now.
windmill007 said:
I love blu-ray! Sure its expensive but it is way cool. For $399 the PS3 is the best blu-ray player out there plus it can do so many things and is constantly updated. Expensive but I say worth it. If you can spend over $1000 on a HD TV why limit it's potental! I think they need a cheaper blu-ray for the mass-market to take off.I say DVD is not good enuff once you see blu-ray but if you can't come up with the money I guess you could make due.
9Nails said:
Consumer hostile DRM for the lose! What did Sony expect? More restrictions on use, confusing levels of support between players, and higher prices? That's the formula which drove this decline. BD will never be a competitor to DVD. This iTunes generation will take up adoption of digital downloads before the expensive disc format.Toshiba's decisions to step back from this war was the smart thing to do. Unfortunately for the consumer, Toshiba had the format which should have been the winner of this standard. Toshiba had smartly made features the standard for their HD disc's with DRM as optional, whereas Sony made DRM the standard with features optional.
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