Proposed EU directive could force iPhone, iPod redesign

By on October 7, 2008, 1:49 PM
The European Union is readying a new set of directives that could have an impact on Apple and other manufacturer’s future products. Specifically, a new draft batteries directive, which mandates that power cells inside electronic devices must be readily removable for replacement and safe disposal. The iPhone, iPod and even the MacBook Air don't fit that mold.

Apple requires owners to send back their iPhones and iPods to the company for a battery replacement. If approved, however, the new directive could force the company to redesign its products to meet the criteria in Europe. Interestingly, it could also mean that products globally would see the same features since it would make no sense to build and market products with two different designs.

Then again, as AppleInsider notes, the idea behind the directive is to keep gadgets from being sent to landfills or recycled with the battery inside, so the EU might let Apple off the hook if the company proves that its battery replacement program prevents that from happening.

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KingDingDong said:
thank god, i hated owing an ipod because it didnt have a removable battery and its was 80$ to get it replaced. mabye apple wont be such ****** anymore, and stop being so money greedy trying to pull every dollar they can. thats just my 2 cents.
tengeta said:
wow, apple is just microsoft jr. and this just helps prove it more.why don't people ever realize that?
KingDingDong said:
because apple has there own way of doing things, its either apples way or the highway more so then microsoft. microsoft is more open in what can use their applications. thats way microsoft still owns about 90% of the market, and apple is barly 8%. And if apple is just a microsoft jr. why does apple limit applications suchs as osx to only apple hardware, and microsoft does not. Propriotery crap annoys the crap out of people.I guess if apple is a microsft jr. why are they so over priced for repairs (cause they need them every freakin minute) and for their products?
TechnoBoob said:
I am a brand new TechSpot member and I was beginning to think it was for pc folks, only. I am strugglng to learn how to do things with an iMac, after struggling with constantly malfunctioning pcs that need constant care and feeding to patch security holes, glitches, etc. Apples machines are certainly far more stable and seem to require less attention. But Apple is miserable to get simple how-to instructions out of. I am instinctively supportive of the EU's directive -- just because it seems much more user friendly (and, possibly, because of Apple's cool smugness).
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