Apple already past the 10 million iPhone mark?

By Justin Mann on October 8, 2008, 11:01 AM
Has Apple’s goal of 10 million iPhones sold this year already been met? One group collecting statistics believes so. According to them, using IMEI statistics as their source, Apple has already pushed their way through at least 9 million phones on top of other sales. That would put Apple almost exactly where they said they wanted to be upon the release of the iPhone, perhaps a few months ahead of schedule.

This was definitely helped by the introduction of the iPhone 3G, which saw over one million sold in the opening weekend. There's no official word from Apple on whether or not they've truly reached this milestone, but Apple isn't known for sharing much information.

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fullmetalvegan said:
These statistics prove that there are at least 10 million ****** in the world.
Eddie_42 said:
Nice comment Vegan, might want to put some thought into your next one. That is simply vulgar and naive. Apple made a product, and a pretty good one at that. They marketed it and sold it and did rather well at that too. At $200+ a peice, thats $2,000,000,000. You still have to subract the cost to make them to get profits, which I dont know personally, but its still an amazing revenue stream.And honestly, $200 for a phone with 8gb memory for movies, mp3's, pictures, etc., Color screen, touch sensitive, Always on internet, addon capable, and the numerous other features it has, not a bad choice if you have the extra money.This phone is revolutionary, all the other manufacturers are trying to copy it and are just getting to the release point, as the iPhone goes into a newer generation.
fullmetalvegan said:
lol - no they didn't make a good product, thus the numerous articles about its product advertising being pulled in certain countriesand them being sued over misleading and false facts over what it can do, these things would not happen if they made a good product. It has no flash capability, that's revolutionary? Nokia's were doing these the iPhone can't before it even came out. Maybe you should should actually analyse this a bit more.It's not revolutionary, it's tacky, everything it can do is completely impractical. They didn't push the boundaries with anything or introduce better ways to do things, all they did was take what phones already do, remove the keypad and make you use the screen instead - the Nintendo DS was out before the iPhone, so they didn't invent anything amazing with touch screen functioning. So nay, it is not revolutinoary. Being limited to having to use your fingers to scroll a page and extend images is downright annoying, my Nokia phones get things done in half the time an iPhone does. Not to mention the new Nokia XpressMusic blows the iPhone out of the water, I would sooner get the Nokia version than the iPhone.If the iPhone is the future of mobiles, then I won't be using them anymore.The iPhone's are also like $1,000 in most of my local shops here in Australia, I love my Nokia N95 and it was only $600, I'm not spending $400 more for a phone to lack simple flash internet capabilties and waste time using a touch screen when my keypad gets it done faster. N95 has a 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Ngage gaming capablitlies, 8GB MP3 player and much more. So the iPhone is better how? It's not. It's made for Apple fanboys and the other vanity filled people that must have the trendy new products they release.If they were as good as you say they are, then 99% of the world would use them, I don't see that happening.
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