Windows 7 features leak ahead of announcement

By on October 27, 2008, 5:43 PM
As users continue to complain about Windows Vista nearly two years after its introduction, Microsoft is getting ready to show off some of the new features found on its Windows 7 successor. The company will hand out a pre-beta build of Windows 7 at PDC tomorrow, but already some early details are coming out about what the build might include.

According to ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley, new features being offered in the pre-beta version at the show include a self-diagnosis tool for the called Action Center, multi-touch and gesture recognition features, and a “Device Stage” feature that will provide a central location for interacting with pretty much anything you plug into the computer – media players, digital cameras, and so on.

Windows 7 will also include a StreamOn feature that will have something to do with audio and video content, according to Foley, plus a new animation framework, new task bar and shell integration, and the infamous ribbon user interface. Specifics about each new feature are pretty much in the air for now, but that should change when they get announced officially at the conference tomorrow.

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DarkCobra said:
Well this all sounds like a lot of slick new stuff. How practical it's all going to be in actual application remains to be seen. However, it seems to me that Windows 7 is in reality more of a sideways move than a serious new operating system or platform. So many complaints about Vista (many well earned) continued to mount that Microsoft had to seriously clean it up and in the process are introducing some new toys/features. Most importantly they needed a new name because the Vista badge has become mud.So I see Windows 7 as more of a sideways operating system move than a true upgrade to a new system (which is still in development). I continue to support Microsoft but they had better concentrate on getting this one "Right" . . . than rushing to get it out "Right Away".
Julio said:
Don't be surprised if people end up underwhelmed by the little change there is going to be between Windows Vista and this early preview of 7.The real difference will have to be made a year from now, with outstanding driver support and improved performance all across the board. Probably some added polish to Vista's UI rough corners as well.
windmill007 said:
Ya I really don't think Windows 7 is going to be that great from a XP user perspective. If you really don't like Vista I don't see how anyone is going to like Windows 7 either. To me it sounds like Vista with more bloatware that most people besides newbies won't want. If Windows 7 is no faster than Vista and has the same or higher hardware requirements I don't see it being a XP replacement either. XP runs fast and quick on older and newer equipment alike. That is hard to beat.
nic said:
Vista is pretty, but is major pants .. I lost 1.2 TB of data on my raid 5 array overnight, despite no hardware failures and all vista divers installed on pretty recent hardware! Unfortunately, my data wasn't backed up as I didn't have anything large enough to back it up to. Vista has been highly unstable for me and my PC suffers from the dreaded slow network/local drive access bug!I hope MS remove the DRM crap from Windows 7 otherwise is will be just as pants as Vista, as this is I feel the case of most issues ... it makes developing bug free software so much harder.
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