Intel Core i7 incorrectly reported to suffer from TLB bug

By Justin Mann on December 2, 2008, 4:10 AM
Earlier this year, AMD faced a nasty CPU bug that required them to hold off their processors until new ones with some necessary workarounds became available months later. As you know already, this hit AMD pretty badly.

It was hinted Monday that they weren't alone in this situation and that Intel's Nehalem core had also been identified to be suffering from a TLB bug. The news widespread quickly but within the same 24 hours Intel came to respond and clarify that none of the shipping Core i7 processors suffer from any troublesome errata.

According to Intel's version, they did discover some issues before Nehalem's release, all of which were resolved via BIOS updates before launch. In fact, related issues were also found in Core 2 Duo processors back in the day, but we never heard anything about this because, again, it was all sorted ahead of release.

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therickster90 said:
As much as I want to like AMD, and I definitely don't want a monopoly, Intel really has their stuff together. Can't always be said of AMD.
Darth Shiv said:
They are on the ball at the moment. Just have to be careful not to drop it.
fullmetalvegan said:
Doesn't really matter if they have a monopoly or not - they aren't a bad company. NVIDIA on the other hand overprice their GPU's so needed a bit of a beat down.
windmill007 said:
Actually any company if allowed to dominate will over price there products. Like Nvidia was doing before ATI came out with a cheaper products that was as fast. The same can be said for Intel before there was AMD> I remember when Intel was so pricey but you could get a comparable AMD chip for less than half the price and overclock the heck out of it. Thanks to those times Intel prices are more reasonable but if AMD was allowed to fail I bet we would be back in the High Priced world. Two other companies that do the same thing are Microsoft and Apple. I personally won't buy any apple product because of this. You know how bad it would be if Apple dominated. We would need to use months of salary just to afford any of there products. I liked the latest Simpson's...It showed exactly the way apple acts. Lock everyone into there world and charge your crazy prices...Ahh no thanks.
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