Xbox 360 sales hit 28 million, 17 million on Xbox Live

By on January 6, 2009, 1:02 PM
Microsoft has announced that 28 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide by the end of last year, proudly declaring 2008 the “biggest year ever in Xbox history” and widening its lead over the Sony PlayStation 3 to around 8 million units. The $199 price point was really critical for success this holiday season, according to Microsoft, providing consumers with an option that was less expensive than competing products from both Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is still far behind the Wii, though, which has sold an estimated 40 million units thus far. Other interesting figures revealed by Microsoft include an online community of 17 million members for Xbox Live and an 84 percent year on year increase in online consumer spending.

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yukka said:
The Xbox won't catch the Wii but I am very happy to see that my purchase of 3 years nearly (original 360, no red ring of death and its been bundled in bags and dropped and everything in its lifetime so far) is popular enough to ensure new titles being developed seriously for it.Now I just wish we could get a decent alternative to the US netflix running in the UK as renting from the incredibly low range of HD movies for 530 microsoft points is really expensive compared to walking to my local blockbusters where there is more choice and better options available like renting 3 movies for less money combined and more time.
complex said:
I would be very interested to know how many of the 28 million units sold were to unique customers. I've had 5 consoles since release day due to them breaking down, if i didn't love it so much i'd have given up and bought a PS3.
polidiotic said:
Haven't had a problem with XB360 yet, but I just got it in September. Never had a problem with my old XBox, either, so I don't expect any problems.Netflix for Xbox is pretty kickass, Yukka. I hope, for your sake, that the UK gets something similar. =]I think MS, despite their usual flaws, has certainly produced a very viable, popular, and powerful product. The 360 deserves it's place in the industry and I'm personally excited to see it ahead of the PS3.
complex said:
I agree polidiotic. There were and still are some flaws that should have been ironed out, but I think it's a great product overall, which is why I have happily purchased several machines and will continue to do so if they continue to break outside of warranty. You have to make sacrifices for the things you love right? I'm sounding like a right fanboy now, i'm not one, I just love my video games and kicking ass online. lolbut as Yukka says we need to receive the same services in the UK as our US cousins, at the same price, for it to be truly great.
yukka said:
the secret to an everliving xbox 360? place a dvd case on the floor then place your xbox on it so the case exhaust ports are suspended off the floor and the xbox is laid if only i could get netflix..
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