Apple faces more lawsuits over iPhone 3G speeds

By Justin Mann on February 4, 2009, 2:02 PM
Making everyone happy is impossible, even if you are Apple. In proof of that, the company has headed to court multiple times in the past weeks, defending itself from a total of four different people who filed suit against them over alleged false advertising related to the speeds the phone is capable of. Even though independent studies have found the majority of the problem lies within congested networks, and not directly with the phones, many Apple customers have been less than satisfied with the Internet speeds the iPhone 3G offers.

It's easy to criticize those taking Apple to court, as most people know better than to believe what you see in a commercial word for word. In Apple's case, however, it isn't just individuals who are getting involved and finding fault with what Apple does – cases in both the UK and US have resulted in the courts ruling against the company and even forcing them to remake one of their advertisements. Which is ultimately what’s at the heart of all these cases: people are not suing over what speeds they get, but rather what they believe Apple told them they could.

Apple has faced down numerous lawsuits in the past revolving around this same issue. Perhaps they feel that the cost of dealing with these lawsuits is less than the potential customers they might lose if they don't promise unrealistic speeds.

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MichaelLS said:
Truth is Truth - Truth in Marking and Advertising - a huge problem - people need to be made to understand this very clearly!Enough of this 'Your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth! Utter nonsense!Glad to see it happen!
tengeta said:
I'm really sick of the hypocrisy here, Microsoft advertises something that's incorrect, people call for their heads. Apple does it as often, and people forgive every single error.Stop protecting Microsoft Jr.
DarkCobra said:
I respect both above opinions here. This is an interesting situation. The Iphone itself certainly has the "capability" of 3G speeds. However, it appears the network (AT&T) has been struggling with actually providing that 3G speed on a consistent basis. What next follows is what responsibility (if any) does Apple own for this situation. An intriguing issue indeed because it was Apple itself that fully agreed to enter into an exclusive relationship with this network ONLY.This is the only railroad their device rides upon and if the train is routinely not running on time does Apple share any part of the responsibility since THEY chose this network as THEIR exclusive railway. Maybe they do, but I don't think they should be sitting in the hot seat alone. AT&T needs to be sitting next to them and answering these questions as well. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
MichaelLS said:
[b]Originally posted by DarkCobra:[/b][quote]I respect both above opinions here. This is an interesting situation. ....AT&T needs to be sitting next to them and answering these questions as well. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.[/quote]Well said! You're absolutely right! AT&T has to be a very large part of this overall picture. Thanks for the view point!
x darthmonkey x said:
Now, I'm no apple fan - not by a long shot - but I can't pin the blame on them for this one. I've seen the iPhone 3G move at speeds close to what is advertised, and definitely close enough that I'm not complaining.Apple makes the _hardware_. Apple advertises the _hardware_.While they did choose ATT as the exclusive provider, that shouldn't be the issue. Some people live in an area with a poor signal, or in a congested city, and common sense dictates that they will get lower performance. Just because you aren't getting the performance you expected doesn't mean you get to blame somebody else.In the end, it just looks like another set of frivolous lawsuits by greedy individuals.
MichaelLS said:
And you are absolutely - right!
Burty117 said:
I have to agree as well, He is completely right.
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