Apple unveils Safari 4 beta

By on February 24, 2009, 6:18 PM
Apple released today Safari 4 beta, bringing their latest browser developments to the public including a revamped UI that happens to look a lot like Google's Chrome and an overhaul to its supported web standards. For an inadvertent release, Apple seems to feel pretty confident about their latest Safari 4 beta browser which is now touted as the default browser download from its official website for both Windows and OS X.

Similar to other tier 1 web browsers that are soon to get updated, namely the betas for Firefox 3.1 and Opera 10, the new Safari is boasting of a new JavaScript engine called Nitro that Apple claims performs up to 4.2 times faster than Safari 3. Support for the latest web standards also form part of this release which include implementations of HTML 5 and CSS 3.

If you've used Google's Chrome in the recent months, you will feel right at home with Safari considering they are both built around Apple’s own WebKit engine. In fact, Safari 4 replicates Chrome's bookmarks home screen with Top Sites which renders your most visited websites in real time. Other new and improved features include full history search, cover flow history browsing and full page zoom.

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sngx1275 said:
I got it and put it on my PowerMac G4 550 running Leopard as a test machine, it does seem quicker than Safari 3. I've decided to go ahead and put it on my Powerbook G4 which I use most for browsing. They do have an uninstaller and a way to download Safari 3 if it doesn't work out for you. They also changed the look to a more native look for Windows, but I'm still a bit wary to put Safari on a Windows machine, think I'll stick with Opera for that (although I may test it out on my Windows 7 box). But this may serve as a good alternative browser now for PC users and actually have it look like it belongs.
tengeta said:
I've been using Safari as my backup browser for Firefox since I've been on Vista, no problems here whatsoever. I always liked the simplicity of it, reminds me of IE6 without all the... complexion.
computorial said:
Safari 4 beta is a splendid browser with new graphical interface integrating seamlessly with Windows Vista Aero feature. I am absolutely content with it. Mind though it is not stable and may crash from time to time. It does not render all web pages properly, but until this is in beta stage, I do not bother. I recommend trying
DarkCobra said:
I'm a bit confused here. You say Safari 4 beta is a "splendid" browser which integrates "seamlessly" with Windows Vista Aero. However, you then suddenly say it is NOT stable . . . may "CRASH" from time to time and . . . will NOT render all web pages properly.Just a thought here . . . you may want to hold off calling it a "splendid" browser until we see if Apple is able to correct all of the above sufficiently. I realize you acknowledge that it's beta, but when a beta product has these kinds of issues it's probably a good idea to hold off in announcing that it's currently "splendid & seamless". Obviously, it ain't yet. Hopefully, at the end of its beta testing it will be . . . but it sure isn't splendid & seamless now if it's doing what you are saying.
Jesse_hz said:
@computorialThere isn't [b]any[/b] browser in existance that renders all web pages correctly.
Julio said:
@Jesse, don't always blame the browser, also blame the coder.
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