Psion sues Intel over netbook name for $1.2 billion

By Justin Mann on March 2, 2009, 6:53 PM
In the ongoing clash between netbook manufacturers, the courts and Psion, the latter has delivered the next blow. Even though they are facing down Dell, Intel and others who are trying stop Psion's progress, the owner of the “netbook” trademark has filed a $1.2 Billion countersuit against Intel.

The assertion Psion makes is that Intel (along with anybody else who manufactures netbooks) knew that Psion owned the “netbook” trademark, but willingly adopted the name anyway. What harm that would cause to Psion, who hasn't sold a device using the “netbook” moniker in five years, isn't clear. What is clear, however, is their willingness to sue companies now, after the netbook market has taken off. Soon, all of this will head to the courts – and it seems unlikely that Psion will get their way.

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tengeta said:
Yawn, Psion should sue itself for being stupid. This is ALMOST as bad as the "you're fired" crap that happened with Donald Trump.
eafshar said:
if psion dont make netbooks.. then why did intel dell and all the other guys start using the name? if psion can prove they had established the market but then got out for whatwever reason, then they may have a case.. i dont know enough detail about the extent of psions involvment with netbook market so its hard to make a judgement... can someone clarify the extent of their involvement?
DarkCobra said:
Good question and I've got one of my own. At what specific point does a laptop computer go from the category of lightweight notebook to netbook? Is it the physical size of the box and if so what are those dimensions? Is it the processor, ram, screen size, etc. and if so what are those specific numbers where we officially migrate from notebook to netbook? And if you have those numbers who decided THOSE were the numbers and did the rest of the industry agree to this? Personally, I think this is all much ado about nothing.
tengeta said:
The public already refers to it as netbook, when that happens they should automatically lose because even if they win the case... guess what people are calling them?
captain828 said:
Two words: LOL WTF?!
BlindObject said:
I hope intel poop on their faces then sits on it.
JDoors said:
Boo-hoo, someone get Psion a kleenex. Psion would have to prove they had NO IDEA their trademark was in use for the last five years, or that they HAVE sent cease-and-desist letters during that time. If you make no effort to protect your trademark you lose it.
DarkCobra said:
Have you guys noticed a trend here. All these companies are starting to sue each other for the craziest of things! The markets have slowed and now they're turning on each other at a rate that is astounding. Unreal. "I can't sell my stuff, so I'll sue you for selling yours!".
pioneerx01 said:
[b]Originally posted by DarkCobra:[/b][quote]"I can't sell my stuff, so I'll sue you for selling yours!".[/quote]That is an interesting, and probably true way of looking at it.
mattfrompa said:
Originally posted by DarkCobra:quote:"I can't sell my stuff, so I'll sue you for selling yours!".Amazing quote, I love it
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