New iPod shuffle hides DRM chip?

By on March 16, 2009, 10:28 AM
Want to use headphones designed and manufactured by a third-party with the latest iPod shuffle? Well, Apple has decided to make that difficult. Not only because it decided to move the controls off the device itself and onto the headphones, but because a group of people have also found a mysterious chip inside these controls and believe that it might be the company's latest step towards a more strict marketing drive.

You see, headphone makers could normally just reverse engineer the interface to build their own compatible accessories. However, if this is indeed confirmed to be an “authentication chip,” Apple could squeeze a few extra bucks in licensing fees from third-party manufacturers or otherwise have the DMCA thrown at them. We will have to wait for the company to make an official statement but it nevertheless remains a fact that without the inline remote there’s no way to usefully operate the shuffle. So, users who prefer using third party headphones will at the very least be forced to buy an extra accessory.

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mattfrompa said:
Yet another reason not to buy the ipod shuffle (as if another one was needed)
captain828 said:
Great... besides the fact that Apple's headphones are crap, they now want to force us use only that crap, or pay a lot more for another pair
burty117 said:
I'm not an apple fan, But i have recently stood up for apple with there MAC OS X due to other manufactures taking there OS which is unfair but this is stupid! no offense apple but your headphones are absolute crap! and stopping other headphones being plugged in means I now do not promote anyone to buy an ipod shuffle. I say "bring back the buttons!" =)
nazartp said:
Gotta love 'em! Apple is going to be it's own undoing: their earphones are reason enough NOT to buy a device.Hope they are smarter then that, however, after their Apple Store debacle I'm not expecting much reason from them.
tengeta said:
Apple loves DRM more than Microsoft, OSX has it far more implemented than Vista does as well. The only reason they took it off music exclusively in iTunes is because of the public pressure they were facing and the fact that every competitor was going that way.Its funny that after Apple adopted a UNIX like OS they started acting like Bell Systems.
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