Time Warner offers unlimited bandwidth - For $150

By Justin Mann on April 10, 2009, 4:23 PM
How much would you be willing to pay for truly unlimited bandwidth? Your answer will probably vary based on where you live and what services cost in your area, but Time Warner believes that their customers can be lulled into shelling out $150 per month to get into a bandwidth tier that doesn't have a limitation. Time Warner is putting this new classification on top of their existing structure, which as many know has been under the microscope lately. Time Warner's plan to enforce relatively small bandwidth caps, as low as 5GB per month, is similar - though vastly more severe - to other limitations large ISPs have been implementing or considering.

The biggest and most notable company to do such was Comcast, who decided after pressure from the FTC, their customers and other sources to settle on a cap of 250GB per month on their Internet accounts. Qwest is another nationwide ISP that has implemented similar measures, though its cap is also much larger than what Time Warner's packages offer. Time Warner does have an “in between” package planned, charging $75 for 100GB. The unlimited actually stems from a limit on how much overage they will charge, at $1 per extra gigabyte, with a maximum of $75 in extra fees.

Is this fair or acceptable? It's an important consideration - especially since Time Warner, as one of the larger ISPs in the U.S., is both a cable company and an Internet provider, and it seems the latter may be a conflict of interest. Many cable companies are concerned that Internet video services directly compete with what they offer - and when you control the medium, you can control how people view it. Is $150 extortion? Is it an excessive tab to ask?

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captain828 said:
IMHO, the whole US internet service is an oligopoly... I really can't imagine how, in the informational age, you start capping the broadband that has now turned into something nearly as important as food. Also, what's up with the speeds?! for €50 you get in France a 100mbps connection and a 20mbps connection is as low as €12 in most other EU countries.And don't give me the "Current infrastructure doesn't support high usage and upgrade costs are $XB" BS because, first of all, the infrastructure doesn't need such high investments, and secondly, given what money they've been making for years, a couple of billions would look like lunch money.
windmill007 said:
Files will only get larger in the future. This seems like a step backwards. I hope consumers are smart enough to see that they have a choice and start shunning these companies when possible. I don't care if you only get email....If they see they can get away with this...there will be only more restrictins in the future. Lets stop them before they get started.
JDoors said:
I don't have a problem with the higher-useage customers paying more than customers who barely make a dent in the available bandwidth, but once the infrastructure is in place to handle the highest-useage customers, what additional costs are incurred by the provider to service them?Rather than charging MORE for higher useage, they should be charging LESS for lower useage customers. Free even. Anything else is just an excuse to mint money (not that there's anything wrong with that).
gobbybobby said:
Thats wrong, I believe sky broadbands max (with a TV package) charge just £10 per month (aprox $16) for unlimited broadband with no usage restrictions or bandwith restrictions.
aschall said:
everyone must remember that this relevance relies hevily on where u live and what services are available to u in the first place. for example, i live in Toledo OH and the only choice i have is Buckeye Express. i dont even have the option of say a T3 connection because of where i live in Toledo. Buckeye Cable System provides both TV and Internet at what i think to be High prices. It Costs $70/mo for 12 Mbps and that includes Up to 15 email addresses, 10MB personal Web space & 500MB email storage. Their ost recent and highest available is 20 Mbps, which is only available if u are a VIP customer which costs Even more money yet.[Edited by aschall on 2009-04-11 18:05:04]
eafshar said:
its even worse up here in canda guys.. 20mbps internet with 100gb cap for 100 CAD$.. now thats the best and fastest thing u cant get in Canada.. 10mbps internet with 80gb cap is 58$. Canada lives in the stone ages..
MetalX said:
In Burlington, ON, Canada, I pay 75 dollars a month for a 100 GB cap and 16 megabits download, 1 megabit upload.
howzz1854 said:
This is exactly why this country is so f ed up and in such a deep economic turd hole. we got the businesses screwing its customers from front to back. and the government has no balls to do anything about it. why don't they just fast forward the time-line and show our children grow up to be 10 times more stupid and less capable than the Europeans or the Asians. This is oppression on the mind.
gobbybobby said:
I though The intenet cost too much here in the UK, I pay £24.99 for Unlimited downloads, usage. They do scramble torrents in the day. You can get an unlimited package with many ISP here for less thann £20 ($28)
bonjoeryan said:
[b]Originally posted by gobbybobby:[/b][quote]I though The intenet cost too much here in the UK, I pay £24.99 for Unlimited downloads, usage. They do scramble torrents in the day. You can get an unlimited package with many ISP here for less thann £20 ($28)[/quote]Come on gobbybobby!What is your ISP?The sh*tty spanish Telefonica?Sadly it is mine case,You think £24.99 is too expensive in UK?What about £34.10 for unlimited usage BUT WITH 4 mbps download and 600 kbps upload...It is cap free though...
bonjoeryan said:
The best broadband of the world imo...is in Japan,but here is Brazil and Telefonica is almost monopoly...Orz
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