Xbox 360 warranty extended to cover E74 failures

By on April 14, 2009, 9:26 AM
We all know the Xbox 360 is notorious for overheating in its early days, resulting in numerous red ring of death cases and an extended three year warranty that would see the company repairing all affected units free of charge. While it is true that internal redesigns of Xbox 360 hardware have alleviated most of these concerns, for a few months now, users have been complaining about a new fault with the console, where instead of displaying the three iconic red lights, machines would show an equally disastrous “E74” error.

Reportedly the error is either related to the AV cable, or the more fatal occurrence of a burnt out scaler chip or even the death of the console’s GPU. In any case, Microsoft claims it has determined that “the E74 error message can indicate the general hardware failure that is associated with three flashing red lights error on the console,” and not only it will extend the three year warranty to cover this flaw but should provide those who paid for E74 repairs in the past with a refund in the next 4 to 12 weeks.

If you don't automatically receive this refund by July 1, 2009, you'll need to claim one through before November 1, 2009. Good to see Microsoft owning up to the problem and supporting their customers. Yet on the other hand, it is hard to justify the Xbox 360’s continued reliability issues and all this will likely hurt them in the next round of the console wars.

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fwilliams said:
It would be better, if Microsoft just sent everybody who purchased an XBOX 360 a check and asked them to by a WII. Tell them to recycle the XBOX 360 so it does not end up in a landfill.Then Microsoft, being a software company, could actually start writing software for WII and PS3.
aolish said:
the problem with getting a new 360 from MS is that they AREN'T new... they send you refurb 360s that end up having problems again. They need to start sending customers NEW updated Jasper models of the 360s. Having them send back there 360s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times is just plain wrong.
je29836 said:
haha what a piece of junk the shitbox pleasefixme is
neill1973 said:
Makes me glad that I have a PS3.
anguis said:
I've had my X-Box 360 a little over a year now, and I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever. But considering how many of my friends have had to send theirs back to Microsoft to get it fixed, it's pretty pathetic. Hopefully I can get away with having 0 problems down the road...but next year I'm living in a house that will have 3 PS3's, so I have a backup plan lol.
BlindObject said:
My Xbox360 never had any problems. And it's almost 2 years old. Just gotta keep it nicely cooled.
yukka said:
happy xbox 360 owner here. as the previous poster said, you just have to keep it cooled.Ive had mine for nearly 3? years now and its still superb. good games, good online. not blown up. awesome.i have carried mine to friends houses, dropped it at least twice. still no problem with it. it plays high def games, has a huge library of games.. need I go on? oh right yeah its a failure, ill throw it away and buy a wii, except I also have a wii anyway and its totally redundant. havent played it since february. funny that. and the ps3 downstairs in the communal lounge? dont play that either.. hmm
BlindObject said:
Lol right on. I bought my wii for SMB and Zelda and a couple of other games which got old in a bout a week. It sits int he living room mainly for when my small cousins come by and play their Mario games. All my PS3 does is play Blu-Rays and Metal Gear Solid But my PC and Xbox360 gets all my love. =)
yukka said:
Not that I am blind to the problems that other people have been having. I know people who have had the RROD. I also know that MS are constantly improving the hardware to avoid this in the future and extending warranty periods because they want this machine to be a success.Could it be better? Yes. Is it a complete failure? No. Will the next version (the 720 or whatever) be better? Well you would hope lessons have been learnt.By the way, people forget, you had to turn the PS1 on its side after owning it for a while to get it to load games because Sony designed the arm that held the disks badly. I personally had a PS1 that would only load half my games on its side. When that didnt work, it loaded them when it was upside down. Some games needed it changing to its side halfway through loading. Some games didnt load at all.After that, Sony brought out the PS2 and everyone raves about it,
peacefulchaos said:
What about 360's that make nice scratch rings for no apparent reason and render games useless? Or freezing right as a game is trying to save? All of this from a "replacement" from a 3 year old one sent back because it was experiencing RRoD. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. I'm lucky it lasted that long.
yukka said:
you cant argue about the game scratching and a "replacement" model should not freeze, although i would be interested to know why it was doing that. I have not had either of these issues myself but that doesnt mean they dont exist and arent a problem. I dont think they are a bad enough problem to gather all 360s and burn them in a big pit while handing out free wii vouchers to all the owners.anyway, good to see MS has recognised this and is offering to reimburse people who have already had to pay out previously. at least they are taking responsibility and commiting to the consoles future. they already made them dirt cheap.
tengeta said:
This is what happens when consumers ask for smaller devices, they get them before they are ready. I've told everyone I'd rather have my 360 the size of a PS3 or the old Xbox just so its quieter and less likely to fail. That alone would fix ALL OF THIS BS.Tell consumers to stop demanding stupid features, and they might just stop getting crap instead of a product.
yukka said:
a large 360 with larger silent fans, large cooling vent on the back and the abilitiy to stack it with your midi equipment so it doesnt look out of place?that would be awesome. include the power brick in the case as well, dont put a massive X on the top of it.. unless its flush to the case.. id buy that.
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