AT&T arming themselves for the Palm Pre's release

By on April 22, 2009, 1:14 PM
Being that the Palm Preís release has already been established as imminent, AT&T is apparently stockpiling ammo for the inevitable Pre vs. iPhone 3G skirmish. The exclusive iPhone carrier has apparently spread an internal document detailing comparisons between the two smartphones, in which the Pre is made out to be nothing short of a paperweight. A vast majority of the arguments are debatable, some of which surely arenít enough to sway the purchase of most individuals; however, the chart does manage to bring about some valid drawbacks.

The table goes as far as to state that the Preís touch screen control gestures arenít intuitive, whereas the iPhone packs a patented multi-touch screen with fast and responsive navigation. The Pre is knocked for lacking access to AT&Tís Wi-Fi hotspots by suggesting that it only has "limited" free Wi-Fi access. The chart is also quick to boast that the iPhone sports a thinner, lighter (by 2 grams mind you), larger screen showcasing a metal and glass design as opposed to the Pre only being available in black with a plastic shell, among other opinion-driven listings.

Of the few true quandaries one might agree with, is the Preís lack of roaming capabilities outside of the US and an SDK which is currently unable to support CPU-intensive apps like 3D games. Hit-pieces in the cellular segment are a relatively common occurrence as the market is flooded with devices competing to fulfill the same role. Let us know how you think the Pre stands up to the iPhone in the comments!

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DarkCobra said:
Well I hate to say it but Palm's last ditch hope for survival is based on a tremendous success for the PRE. Worse yet, Sprint (it's network) is basing it's last ditch hope for survival on the PRE as well. Palm has been a great name in electronic devices and I remember owning their early PDA products with fondness. Sprint has been a decent network with great pricing plans for those who had it.However, this device is not going to save either company I'm afraid. I'm not an IPhone guy but the new IPhone is about to be released in June and it will blow away the PRE.
jtc2112 said:
I think the Pre's success will depend on the price point / package that Sprint offers. I've seen demos of it's GUI, and it's GREAT!! I say this as a proud owner of an iphone. The Pre is going to make an impact. We'll see what kind of pricing and what kind of advertising Sprint and Palm put together. I tell people I know about the PRE and they've never heard of it.
pmshah said:
I believe that the other 2 commentators ae US based. Don't forget that is a whole south Asian market open to palm. iPhone has imo been a complete failure here in India basically due to the fact that Apple tied up with one of the worst service provider.India today is the biggest market in the world for mobile phones but extremely price conscious too. No one wants a locked gsm phone, which I would believe PalmPre not to be.
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