Windows 7 development to conclude in August?

By Justin Mann on May 12, 2009, 5:36 PM
Following Microsoft's recent confirmation that Windows 7 will be released to the public sometime this year, some new information has come to light indicating that development on the new OS is expected to conclude in August. With no more release candidates planned, Windows 7 should therefore enter RTM phase roughly three months from now, at which point Microsoft will no doubt put their marketing campaign into full swing as they try to convince XP and Vista users to migrate.

Given these time frames and considering RTM generally finishes up within three months, it seems possible that Windows 7 hits store shelves as early as November. OEMs may even see a release sooner. While development may have seemed a tad rushed, the company claims that quality assurance was their priority with Windows 7. Many certainly hope that is the case, as Windows 7 promises to alleviate most of the complaints people had about Vista. Will Microsoft be able to convince its users that Windows 7 is worth the move this time around?

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onearmedscissor said:
Pffft rushed development? Three years (possibly longer, no telling how long they've had this in the works) just to fix Vista's shortcomings is plenty of time.They're just getting back on schedule with the old incremental update scheme, it seems...
skitzo_zac said:
The last sentence "Will Microsoft be able to its users that Windows 7 is worth the move this time around?", I think it needs an extra word or two such as 'Prove To'.E.G. Will Microsoft be able to [b]PROVE TO[/b] its users that Windows 7 is worth the move this time around?"
TBolt said:
So far I have to admit I like Win7. I've had Xp64 on my desktop for a few years - love it, Vista on my work computer for about a year - don't mind it too much but would gladly change back to Xp, Win7 dual boot on my Xp machine since the RC came out - kind of like it...a far. For me though, the big question is (and depending on the price) will what it has to offer be enough to change from a "comfortable friend" like Xp? Too early for me to tell...
captain828 said:
IMHO, people still on XP shouldn't have an excuse anymore not to switch to a newer Windows.They're missing out on a lot of features as it is. But the question is, do Windows Vista users be inclined to switch to 7?Since, most of the features that W7 has came straight from Vista, so it will be difficult for people with a decent PC (like in 2GB RAM and a Dual-Core) to find reason to upgrade to 7.
windmill007 said:
I been a diehard XP fan and admittedly don't like Vista. The performance and annoyances are too great. Well I decided I would give Windows 7 a try at work. I even decided I would install the 64 -bit version as it would be the future. I was real worried about that. You know what...Everything is working great. I am even managing to get most of my old work programs to install. Sure it might take some finagling with these old programs but anything written for vista and beyond installs without a hitch. I admit I didn't see the UAC pop up as much...but it still did... As a power user it was still to annoying... Turned that sucka off. Now I can concentrate on working and enjoying this new Windows 7 experience. There a alot of new things in Windows 7. I am still trying to get a handle on the new taskbar. Also I'm not sure I like the show desktop all the way over on the right of the taskbar... If you use a widescreen monitor its way over there... I still would like the option to move that like maybe by the start button. I think the performance alone will entice some Vista users to move over...Plus just because Vista name will be tarnished even more as Windows 7 takes off. It will become a windows ME all over again. I knew the first day I tried it...that it would.
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