Real strikes back at MPAA, DVD CCA

By Justin Mann on May 15, 2009, 10:16 AM
Ever since the release of their DVD copying program, Real has faced numerous legal issues at the hands of the MPAA and the DVD CCA. Though the company has taken extensive measures to ensure their copying software wasn't used for piracy, linking content duplicated to people who owned it, it wasn't enough to prevent them from being sued. Originally trying to defend their software, their strategy has changed. Now, they have gone on the offensive, filing a lawsuit against the MPAA and the DVD CCA.

Real is accusing both groups of violating antitrust laws by colluding together on trying to prevent the fair-use copying of DVDs. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but it strikes at the heart of many content-duplication disputes over the years: Do users have the right to backup their purchased content? In any case, Real is asking for an injunction on the actions of the MPAA/DVD CCA, as well as to receive monetary compensation for lost revenue. This is primarily due to the fact that sales of RealDVD were forcibly halted due to an injunction in 2008.

Though it started out as just another lawsuit between corporations, the impact this one may have on other “fair use” cases cannot be overlooked.

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Wendig0 said:
Get'em Real!
Relic said:
I never thought I'd say this but...I'M ON YOUR SIDE REAL WIN THIS FOR US ALL! These lawsuits have little to do with piracy imo, and more to do with control from MPAA/DVD CCA. Like there example of setting up a camcorder and record a TV w/ a movie in small clips is the the way to go...get the frak outta here...
polidiotic said:
This is fantastic news. I've never been a fan of Real media, but good God did the industry need this. The MPAA and RIAA (and DVD CCA) have gone overboard with their fantasy of controlling everything on the consumer end. I'm so sick of their backwards politics and atrocious lawsuits. I hope Real wins this - as it'll be a victory for everyone. Go get 'em guys!
tengeta said:
This may be the absolute ONLY thing from Real that I don't 100% hate.In fact, I LOVE IT. Nail them, having an American company do it could make a massive impact on the anti-piracy insanity that is growing in this country. It would at least show that everyone isn't going to bend over to the MPAA/RIAA's demands.
polidiotic said:
There are enough people and companies that this type of behavior effects that it could turn into a class action lawsuit. In fact, I wish it would turn into that... Imagine the effect this would have on the MPAA, RIAA, Hollywood, LA & NY. I hope this catches on... and I hope Real plays it smart and strong.
phantasm66 said:
Here's hoping a victory for Real.
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