Apple working on a $30 iTunes TV subscription service?

By on November 3, 2009, 4:43 AM
According to unnamed sources cited by AllThingsD, Apple is trying to secure backing for a monthly TV subscription service -- not unlike your average cable or satellite provider. The supposed service would cost $30 per month, and would be delivered via iTunes. This would make the service accessible to various devices and platforms, rather than binding it to a specific piece of hardware, like Apple TV.

Apple's service would not only rival standard cable networks, but could stifle several video sites' attempts to implement a pay model for premium content -- namely YouTube and Hulu. Apple is said to be in talks with various networks, and if the company is successful, it wants to launch the service by early next year. Industry executives say that if anyone bites first, it will be Disney, as CEO Bob Iger has expressed interest in experimenting with Apple and iTunes in the past.

Would you drop your cable subscription in favor of an Apple-owned, iTunes-distributed TV service?

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tonylukac said:

A little steep since a connection of that speed like Comcast internet is $55 without cable tv in addition to the $30 and there are the cap overages. If Netflix can do it for $8, why not Apple?

Kibaruk Kibaruk, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Too much "saids" ands "woulds" to have an opinion in this matter.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I think that cable is still more convenient, but as Kibaruk said, this is a rumour without much meat. It's like asking if we think the Apple tablet would be an attractive buy.

Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

Be interesting to see how this turns out.

limpangel limpangel said:

Maybe if the halved the price i'll consider it.

Ranger12 Ranger12 said:

even if it does happen, no, I wouldn't. Just because it's apple.

swilllx2p said:

Regardless I wouldn't for various reasons, but really there's just no where near enough details to make a good informed decision. I'd be interested to see how many channels/networks they get in this..if its just an absolute ton then the price would be good. Yeah so for me it would depend on how many networks they get on board, but probably wouldn't go that route regardless.

MBK MBK said:

Apple really need to come up with some kind of business focus. This kicks off then iTunes is no longer a music library, it's a media center. Guess it'll need a new name...

Also, as has been said, it is deffinatly too expensive, plus, I personally look at TV as a more social area medium e.g. living room/lounge (whatever you wanna call it). Integrating PC/Mac and TV into once device will only cause problems unless you're a complete loner (no battling for use of the screen) or have a beast of a PC that wont care if one person is playing a high end game on one display and someone else is watching TV on the other (a beast of an internet connection too if the gamer is online...)

JieMan JieMan said:

So I wonder if they are going to pick what you watch to keep you in the smug Apple lifestyle? I think this is bound to happen eventually Apple is concerned on making money any way they can, as a business they should, It doesn't matter what they do, they have enough swing to get it done. Then again who really cares, its Apple.

I really wish the industry would start switching to a new model for tv.

The current workings of the industry only has an advantage to the corporations.

I for one wold like to be able to select a provider and then choose only the channels I want.

nyred said:

As pointed out above, there are not enough details to form an opinion. Hopefully, it will bring more competition to the market.

NightAngel79 said:

I myself am very anti-apple so no matter what would never consider using this service. And the day Hulu and Youtube start charging is the day i stop using those as well.

freedomthinker said:

Its always funny for me to see Apple trying to save their asses with any crap that comes to mind and yet again they always overprice it, typical . Heh...

Eddie_42 Eddie_42 said:

freedomthinker said:

Its always funny for me to see Apple trying to save their asses with any crap that comes to mind and yet again they always overprice it, typical . Heh...

Have you looked at apple recently? they aren't hurt up for money, they aren't hemorrhaging money. In fact, they are doing rather well. The TV / Video market is branching into new areas, namely the internet based services. If i were the CEO of apple, id want my hand in it too, and I'm sure all the stockholders do as well.

I dont think i would pay for this service (or any other one). I am happy with my cable package. As the others have stated before, we need more details.

Colonel Lance said:

I'd have to get a good look at this and probably read reviews from sites I trust (like this one) to see if getting this would be worth it for me.

My first impression is no, but it has it's possibilities.

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Without more specifics, there is no way to make a call on this. If they (or anyone else) can beat my Comcast bill and provide the same amount of flexibility and channels, definitely worth taking a look. But at this stage, just not enough info.

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I wonder how much more on average Apple fans pay for their entertainment... overpriced hardware, songs from iTunes, Apple TV, etc.

pioneerx01 pioneerx01 said:

I wonder if you will be able to view older episodes as well, in HD too? If so that might be better than cable, Correction it will be better than cable.

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

After hulu becomes subscription I won't be using it anymore, and as for appletv, why bother? Everyone has a TV..well most people have a tv and you pay good money for cable, why throw $30, or even the hulu fee for something you already have.

Timonius Timonius said:

it still won't compete with the torrent 'market'.

gruesomeA said:

I think this is a beginning to a scheduled internet "channel". I would love to see a major company start up a scheduled lineup of weekly videos online.

Shalimar said:

Apple and their crap software and insane restrictions can kiss my ass. Not a chance I'll support this crap

lynxon said:

You know, this sounds like a neat idea and all, but then I remember who it's being made by...

diego713 diego713 said:

Sounds too good to be true. The question would be, what do you get for $30.00? If it is basic only, this would not be a big deal. If were the complete package it would be awesome!

Wagan8r Wagan8r said:

I don't see this being a replacement to my cable service. Besides, the Apple is forbidden fruit.

fref said:

I wouldn't be surprised if in 10-15 years, traditional TV ceases to exist. Services like this that allow you to choose what you watch and when will probably take over. I'm not saying Apple will be the big player, but what they're doing is the future in my mind.

Guest said:

Since Apple is not supplying the wire, I agree that $8 is the right price range.

Guest said:

Why Do ya'll got to be such APPLY HATERS ? I would have the service. COMCAST SUCKS and their Customer Service Is Worse Than Time Warner Was. Apple is just going to take over Media Period and Ya'll might just want to get on board. Don't Hate just because Apple is everything they said it would be and so much more. I Spend the extra money to have apple products because I don't give it to Bill Gates and his Team of PC ****** who create problems and turn around and sell you the FIX. I did the calculation with my receipts and I was paying out the BooHoLe for the FIXES just to have A PC. Now I have Sold all PCs and now have 5 macs and wouldn't go Back to PC if you gave me one. I would tell you to KEEP IT. Apple is so worth every $. Musicans and recording artist if you will notice are using MAC OX on stage and in the studio and on TV now on every show and in almost every movie you see MACBOOKPRO's. WAKE UP ur giving ur extra money to the PC WORLD to protect your PC when if you spent that extra money you could have the MAC Experience. ONCE YOU GO MAC you won't Go Back !! Bottom Line.

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