Although it may seem unnecessary at first thought, there is some practicality in having a software shortcut to instantly turn off your monitor. It could prove very useful with notebook computers, if yours doesn't have a keyboard shortcut for shutting down the screen. It could also be convenient in the presence of multiple monitors, your power button might be broken, or you may indeed just be that lazy.

Whatever the case may be, setting up a Windows shortcut to turn off your display(s) couldn't be any easier with the help of a small utility called Wizmo.

But the power of Wizmo doesn't stop there. In our weekly tip we will illustrate a single one of this utility's potential uses. Using different commands Wizmo can also put your PC in standby, hibernation, lock your workstation, reboot, open/close your CD drive's tray, set your system's audio level, and even combine the different commands.

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