Weekend Open Forum: Modern Warfare 2 on the PC, a multiplayer fiasco?

By on November 13, 2009, 9:46 PM
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released worldwide this week to an overwhelming success, selling 4.7 million copies on a single day and raking in an estimated $310 million in North America and the United Kingdom alone. Reviews have been mostly favorable too, at least as far as gameplay is concerned. But there is one group who feels slighted by a series of changes made in this latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise.

Ever since the word was out, PC gamers have been up in arms with Infinity Ward's decision to replace dedicated servers to host multiplayer matches with a proprietary infrastructure called IWNet. This has translated into less control in the hands of gamers, with no way to choose who is hosting matches (one player is assigned automatically), and no ability to kick or ban players from your game.

These are all things the PC community has grown accustomed to and taken for granted for years. Furthermore, player cap has been reduced from 64 on previous versions to just 18, with 9 vs. 9 matches becoming the new norm just like in the console versions. Looking at some disgruntled user reviews you'll learn about a few other omissions that have left people complaining of this being nothing more than a console game that plays on your PC.

In its defense, Infinity Ward claims the new matchmaking system "takes the benefits of dedicated servers and allows them to be utilized and accessed by every player, out of the box." For example, it will automatically find you a game with the best performance, ping, and preferences based on your location and individual connection as well as matching you with players of your same skill. They also promise a cheat and hack-free experience.

Today we want to know your thoughts on the new multiplayer functionality and lack of control on the user side. Is all the backlash really warranted or will the game's multiplayer mode remain just as enjoyable while making it easier for less experienced users to join the fun?

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ColdFusion1990 ColdFusion1990 said:

I can see why people dislike being unable to choose which map or a specific server they want to play in, but the new system really helps you get into a decent server with incredible ease.

Guest said:

COD-MW2 multiplayer for PC. The lag is shocking- cannot run without being 'halted' every few steps, graphics ceiling has been dumbed down to max 1600x1200- cannot run 1560x1600 (like COD-WAW could), if the host leaves (getting owned), all other players are left hanging in limbo, cannot choose your side- all auto assigned, clan members get auto asigned to one side only (great for them but lousy for other players), long delays between games (1-2 minutes), long delays while the auto system finds other players, then sorts who to host, then starts the round, then lets you actually play, and of course, NO DEDICTED SERVERS- so makes it very hard to play with mates. The game itself would be probably be good but for the above, and in the end it has RUINED THE GAME. IW simply ported the console version to PC- cos it was cheaper and easier, instead of spending the time and $ to do it properly. Let's face it, how sophisticated is a PS3 (many years old) or Xbox360 (all using twilight MS technology) compared to a PC. If this is what console users think is acceptable, then I pity their limited gaming experience. Well done Infinity Ward, you f@'d us PC users. Am returning to COD-WAW and MW1.

Tehoste Tehoste said:

IW is so stupid. And I'm going to have to agree completely with the guest comment. For completely ruining the pc version of this game I most definitely will NOT purchase MW2.

"takes the benefits of dedicated servers and allows them to be utilized and accessed by every player, out of the box." For example, it will automatically find you a game with the best performance, ping, and preferences based on your location and individual connection as well as matching you with players of your same skill."

We players can decide that for ourselves. Pc gamers should know their ping and skill by now...

"They also promise a cheat and hack-free experience"

Where there's a will, there's way. Someone will eventually figure out how to hack.

And finally the only non-profanity word that comes to mind to express my anger at the dumbing down of the pc version is ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARWWARRAWRWRARRRA!!!!! >

shossofe shossofe said:

No matter how I look at what they did. I just keep seeing the word fail popping up all over the MP title.

If it 'aint broke, don't fix it.

Guest said:

Second rate pc game end of story, back to MW1 & BF2, lets forget this ever happened.

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

Haven't you guys heard... "It's not balanced for leen." lolllllllllllllllllllllllll

klepto12 klepto12, TechSpot Paladin, said:

i personally think the system sucks i mean if the host leaves you get stopped and have to wait on a new host and the time it takes to get into a match seems like forever plus the 9v9 system is bs atleast 24 would have been nice i mean this is not a console and there is no bandwidth limit so why mess up the system that has worked for years. i will play it because its the only way to play it but i dont have to like it end of story.

Adhmuz Adhmuz, TechSpot Paladin, said:

To what should have been a great game with a epic multi player they really went and F'ed things up real good. Not buying this, but I will play through the 6 hour single player. If this is some kind of new trend that has any possibility of catching on it will be very bad times for PC gaming. Good job Infinity Ward, you made you millions now go crawl into a hole with your money and try not to feel bad about your decision.

Guest said:

From 32 vs 32 to 9 vs 9 - its just crap.


Thats why i am not going to buy this game. But hey? do you think they give a crap? they just sold 4.7 Million in one day. My voice is unheard.

Guest said:

all i got to say is that i do have a hack out.

yes i said i have a hack for mw2

it is a aimbot and wall hack,

[url removed]

it works and its vac proof.

and its sweet.

IvanAwfulitch IvanAwfulitch said:

Guest said:

all i got to say is that i do have a hack out.

yes i said i have a hack for mw2

it is a aimbot and wall hack,

[url removed]

it works and its vac proof.

and its sweet.

Whoever you are, you're one of the people that ruins multiplayers WAY faster than whatever Activision and IW are doing with MW2. That should tell you something. Get the hell off the internet and play single-player if you're going to be a cheater.

As for Modern Warfare 2, I'm not even going to bother wasting 60 dollars. Call of Duty 4 was the pinnacle of their achievements and it won't get any better. COD6 was a complete waste after what they did to it. It was so bad that many people who heard about the changes actually cancelled their pre-orders. This has to be one of the biggest blunders after such a great run that I've ever seen. Come on Infinity Ward, you were never like this. Why start now? Ditch this bullcrap!

If anything, I would ONLY play their even FURTHER shortened Single Player, and only if someone else already had it and I could use their copy. Team Fortress 2 is vastly preferable to this trainwreck of a multiplayer and that should tell you something. Anyone reading this and thinking about buying it, please for the love of God don't.

Guest said:

The game falls short of what it was expected to be. Good gfx do not make a good game. The campaign is short and uninteresting. (we already knew that) I was going to buy the game just for the multiplayer, but since they messed this up there is absolutely no reason to go out and buy it.

The lesson to be taugh here is 'never believe the hype'. This game is top story in every video game site but the truth is that it will be forgotten very soon....

guyver1 said:


a nice little round up

add to that list a FOV of 65 that you cant change!

65 FOV!!! FFS thats rediculous on a PC. We all know why they did it, its becasue a smaller FOV has less to render meaning they can bump up the GFX quality a little bit more for the hardware crippled consoles.

Guest said:

I'm a player of MW1 who is in his 40's , I play on sniper only mods myself as my old eyes can't take all that running around on the normal mode of the game :0) . I'm happy to sit there for 30 mins a round and maybe pick off only a couple of enemies , nice and a calm and chess like.

I play on a 3 or 4 servers mainly and have just joined the clan of the one i play the most. Of course the great advantage - unlike IWnet apparently - is that as happened last night , someone was arsing about ( a rare occurance fortunately ) . Within 30 seconds and 2 warnings later he was gone and banned , ahhh peace reigned once again and i was back to my game of chess /MW1 sniper mod.

It's a shame IW seemed to have ruined the MW experience for pc gamers as this was the first game I'd really gotten into , still MW1 is still fine for me for the next few years tbh so I'm happy really. I most certainly wont be buying MW2 though if I can't get sniper mods on it , personally.

Can't believe I'm actually on here writing about it really as there are far important things to be worrying about in this , but hey ,like others have said , ' If it ain't broke , don't fix it ' .

As for 9 v 9 that I've just read about , well lets be honest as MP gaming goes that figure is laughable .

Finally ,I'd like to offer a big thankyou to the map makers on all the dedicated servers , as my own pc knowledge amounts to turning the thing if I'm honest , and it's you guys who make MW1 worth playing.

I can't understand for the life of me why big Co.s like ATVI & IW just don't get that?

Their loss.

Cheers - DeathbyDonut

Sevrage Sevrage said:

I dont play games but I find this interesting... doesn't it have LAN play?

is it illegal to create a LAN server for internet access? and get rid of this IWNet?

one can easily setup the thing... and redirect internet traffic as it was LAN traffic...

in my time when I used to play, I would play with friends... from what I understand, this just randomly puts you in some server with random ppl... thats just pointless..

Guest said:

I havent been reading the forums so bought this pile of crap. I've owned all the cod games on the pc and still paly cod 4. Couldnt belive my eyes when installing and steam came up. Anyway.. no console, crap match making, 9v9, lag, drops, wall hacks and aim bot to name a few problems. This is a very big mess. Infinity ward you are stupid to think this would work.

What to do i thought? I felt like i had been robbed of my £40. I rang the shop to complain and got told to go away. So took the game back to another branch and told them in wouldnt install, that got a credit note. Will be keeping that for the next real pc shooter. Battlefield :) Infinity Ward you suck.

JieMan JieMan said:

I will never buy this game and support this BULL SH*T ,, I can't even believe they are selling it for 60bux for PC when the excuse why games are 60 on console are management rights to microsoft and sony ... WTF they can suck the big one. I'll pass.

I don't know what pisses me off more this game or the huge delay for Assassins Creed.

---agissi--- ---agissi---, TechSpot Paladin, said:

After reading about what they've done / how they set it up I wont be buying the game.

The multiplayer problems they have incorporated drive me nuts. No thanks.

Guest said:

Well Luckily its only 3 more days til Left 4 Dead 2 comes out and we can have a game that excells at playing online with friends and has a good multi player experience. I did buy MW2 and so far I do enjoy the single player and co-op modes but I havent tried multiplayer yet so I cant comment on it but I think ill stick to L4D, borderlands, and TF2 they are the best purchases so far.

Guest said:

i refuse to buy this game now as the multi-player is ruined imo, lacking dedicated servers, good anti cheat systems, custom maps and mods (which made the game so popular originally when it first came into being), not to mention the silly player cap just makes it pointless buying

tehDARKNESS said:

The Pc community is still reeling from the exclusion of our gamestyle from the new IW release. We have been through many of the stages:denial, anger, etc.. but have yet to reach the point of accaptence. Perhaps we never will. This hurts the future of PC gaming. I sincerely hope that Treyarch takes atvantage of IW's ingorance and doesnt follow suit with COD 7. It's all about $$, obviously... Console gamers get bored fast, move on, play a variety of games and will shell out for DLC because they don't know any better.

Still hoping for a patch; with no where to call home there is no point in playing.

Guest said:

Remember that the head of Activision indicated that he wanted to take the fun out of game making ... That is money first quality second ... One could surmise:

1. Charge the same price as console

2. Remove modding so that the company can take over DLC map market

3. Restrict development beyond console version (just a port .. that is why 9v9 etc)

I love dedicated servers this is one game I wont buy ... If Activision was to vanish from the PC, one need not worry since we now know the new policies of the company.

Guest said:

the game is doomed to failure

day 1 hacks exist

there experience matching system doesn't work

you cannot block players from joining a game

there is no LAN version

gentlemen you fail The time limit for this game I would give An estimate to be about one the year After that Over 95 to 99 percent of the players will have dumped the game

If you want it too controlled map generation this would have been fun if you wanted to controls servers this too would also have been fine But total control of the game means that the game will absolutely positively die

As no one wants to play a game that's under total control of the manufacture players want the game to become part of them in attempting to play this game or realize that it can not be.

TF2 Is a game that is three years old it's been updated every six months with new game material thus the interest of the game has not very the other reasons it has not varied is because of clans people like to join together to have fun in modern warfare two that's impossible.

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I think the first post by Guest nailed it. This is a complete and total failure on IW's part. I'm glad I waited before buying this game. I'll save my $60 for a game that actually caters to the player and not the developer

Ghostface900 said:

Except from the fact that you can't choose the map you want to play in, the ping is enormous, I used to have between 10 and 30 ping, now its 100+, you can't play with your clan as it picks people with the same skill and matches are filled within seconds, you can't have competitive gameplay, you can't have mods, etc.

And what is so hard about browsing a list where there is indicated what map you play on, what gametype you are playing, what ping it has, what clan owns the server, etc.

Why don't they get it?

retro2112 said:

"the game is doomed to failure"

Despite being the biggest entertainment launch in history....EVER

That to me suggests success....

yukka, TechSpot Paladin, said:

First I would like to say I played COD4 on the 360 and liked the matchmaking system. Mercenary Team Deathmatch is my favorite and you can play a game within about 2 minutes of firing up the game.

I saw COD4 on the PC as my friend had it and liked the look of the 40 player servers and decided to get COD5 on PC when it came out.

Unfortunately COD5 for me was ruined by the modified maps that allowed fast leveling. On the 360 version of COD4 it was all about getting levels, maximising loadouts and perks to get the most experience. In COD5 it was about joining a level that spawned everyone in the same room so you could constantly throw grenades, hold down fire and rack up kills. In 3 hours you could reach maximum level and thats what alot of people seemed to do. I played it for about a week in multiplayer and then left it.

Now this version is out and I like the multiplayer. The matchmaking system is identical to the 360 version and the levels are well designed. The perks and customised classes have been improved imo and its easy to get into a game. The coop system is also enjoyable. I think its an improvement.

I do believe there is a need for choice however. There should be larger servers available for the PC but not if it means it ruins what could be enjoyable for a few months - getting levels, trying out and learning all the different guns. All that is lost as soon as there is a level built that just lets you get to maxmim level by holding down shoot for 3 hours.

yukka, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I havent had any ping or performance issues but then I am playing on a core i7 with 9gb of ram on a 13meg broadband connection. If im not hosting then someone with a better connection or computer is.

Ghostface900 said:


haven't you noticed when you throw a nade, the animation plays and after that, the nade releases. believe me, thats a ping issue in my oppinion.

im probably running on half of ur specs, but my internet is three times as good and i have ping issues. if you used to play console, you won't notice anything, but any dedicated pc-gamer should notice lagg on console versions of mw1 and mw2 and the pc version of mw2.

at least i did.

Guest said:

Well looks like IW shot themselves in the foot.

The MP setup is bad, so we just download the torrent for the SP instead.

Lost revenue right there.

Nickle&Dime us for DLC. What next, paid update patches?

I hope AvP, DiCE and BRINK will be good next year; As I'm sick of getting "Wolfensteined".

Guest said:

Besides not having dedicated server which i honestly no longer care for, overall MP gaming is great. So far, i had one lag issue, where a host left, and then a random person was chosen to be a host so the game may finish its round.

9vs9 is nice as well. No more over crowded maps where you get killed off every 3 seconds.

No more worries about your favorite server being full, being down, shut off or not updated.

It just works. Yeah, there are few hick ups here and there, but there is lots of room for improvement. The game has been out only for 4 days, and ill bet in a month, MP service with patches and updates will improve greatly.

Brewskie said:

I don't remember reading the breakdown between PC sales and console sales.

I would wager that most of the sales are on the console side, as they are the ones with hobbled systems and this game fits right in.....hobbled for consoles.

Guest said:

really guys i had great expectations for MW2

i would have spend all my money on this game

the best thing i enjoyed in MW1 was 32 vs 32 multiplayer but now thats gone so i guess theres no point in spending any money on this since games are very expensive in my country .

yukka, TechSpot Paladin, said:

ghostface900 said:


haven't you noticed when you throw a nade, the animation plays and after that, the nade releases. believe me, thats a ping issue in my oppinion.

im probably running on half of ur specs, but my internet is three times as good and i have ping issues. if you used to play console, you won't notice anything, but any dedicated pc-gamer should notice lagg on console versions of mw1 and mw2 and the pc version of mw2.

at least i did.

1. I don't get the lag you speak about. I just went straight in to the game and practiced throwing grenades and the sound and animations are in sync. I have yet to play a laggy game.

2. I have been playing shooters on the pc since doom and quake. The price of my first 3dfx card still makes me shudder (£160 for a 4mb voodoo1) and I know lag when I see it. Fine, I do not live in shooting games and as I am older the old reactions start to slow and maybe kids on shed loads of caffeine with the reactions of cats might notice things I don't.

From where I am standing, the performance issues people talk about are not something I have experienced. The standard multiplayer game is alot better also because there is a feeling of satisfaction as you climb ranks that can't be avoided by running "powerlevelling" maps.

Is that shitty for people wanting to play 30vs30 on their own server? Well Infinity Ward should release larger maps, create a dedicated server version that is not connected to the standard multiplayer game and let people play as they want on those servers without affecting the standard version. In other words you cant rank up on those servers but those servers could just allow everyone that joins to have lvl 55. There would still be plenty of people to play the "normal" version for the challenge.

pmkrefeld said:

ColdFusion1990 said:

I can see why people dislike being unable to choose which map or a specific server they want to play in, but the new system really helps you get into a decent server with incredible ease.

Eeeehhhmmm.... no you see you are totally wrong, what is the sense in playing something you actually don't wanna play (experienced it both with BF:BC and BF1943) i hate some maps and love the others but why the hell should I play both. Arguing that Infinity Ward wants to deliver the best playing experience for everyone is bullshit, if it were so you could choose between IWNet and Dedicated servers, the thruth is they hope they could have more control over the players for example there are no statistics about which map people really like and which they don't so you can't really complain about something, another aspects is that they really think they could ban all pirated copies of Cod:MW2 from the internet... come on get real you can't win against piracy so try to live with it. Oh, and don't come with those fantasy numbers like because of piracy we lost 10trillion $ last year, it isn't true...

klepto12 klepto12, TechSpot Paladin, said:

the point of the matter is there are like 15 computers to every console in the world and PC gaming is far bigger than console gaming so IW is freaking stupid for F****** over the PC community dedicated servers are what defines the pc games we play and not having any control at all is BS. I love the game but i think i will get board of it easy.

BlindObject said:

Ahh, I'm glad I spent my money on L4D2. =)

Guest said:

I bought the game after trying out a my mate's copy. Its as bad as everyone says, 3/5 games you play will have a horrible host, so i dont know just how the hell the system picks the best host, if me and my friends all have powerful rigs and megabit connections. But i bought it anyway, because even tho they brought on all these changes, the game is very solid, and you can see all the hard work these guys put into making this game. No one likes change, even when its changing something that is tried and true, and so close and dear to us pc gamers, like dedicated servers. But i bet in a few years dedicated servers will be a thing of the past, and our children/ grandchildren will laugh when we tell them that we had to PAY to have a 24-man server running in some guy's basement pc. Lag is always a problem no matter if its a dedicated server or not. IW has balls to do what they have done, even if they were just being lazy by simply porting the console version to the pc, they are atleast trying to bring change to the PC gaming community, which has barely changed since the release of classics like CSS and Starcraft. I just hope this change is for better, even if it makes me rage inside.

pcnthuziast said:

Has anyone considered the possibility that IW is siimply experimenting with a new formula?

If PC gamers would write some constructive emails to them rather than ranting on forums, maybe they would release a patch at some point and revert back to the tried & true formula they used with MW1.

Guest said:

Its been only 4 days, give them time to work out all the issues. Rome wasnt concurred in one day either.

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

Battlefield Bad company 2 for PC looks very interesting to people who hate what has become of MW2, however, even as great of a game it is and will be it is still a port. A real FPS game id like to see is Battlefield 3, and for god sakes hope its PC only. A man can dream!

Guest said:

There is absolutely no point in providing Infinity Ward with 'constructive feedback', as they are fully aware that this is an enormously unpopular decision that virtually the entire PC-gaming community reviles utterly. The problem is THEY DON'T CARE.

This is simply a transparent money grab - by removing mod support and abandoning dedicated servers, you force EVERYONE to deal with random map selections by removing any choice. Couple that with DLC map-packs, and eventually everyone will be forced to shell out for said DLC or keep getting blocked/dropped whenever a map they don't own comes up on the rotation via the 'completely automated' matchmaking system.

See, they CAN'T keep dedicated servers around - how else would they be able to shovel DLC down the PC-gamers' collective throats if they simply had the option to CHOOSE what maps they play on and who they play them with? Can't have that!

This was never really about dedicated servers, it was all about removing mod support so they could force us to buy content we would otherwise just make and distribute ourselves FOR FREE.

Guest said:

i totally enjoyed the game but it is way to short , i finished it in under 5 hours of gameplay .if this game was a girl she would be a "blond teasy flirt"

Guest said:

Oh dear, I'm 55 years old and have thoroughly enjoyed every edition up to now, but this has come to an abrupt halt. Firstly I didn't want steam, secondly multiplayer stinks!, and last but not least gameplay is poor. Sorry I wish I could get my money back, certainly recommend others not to waste their money! It seems that as usual the 'experts' know better than the gamers - goodbye infinity ward!!

Guest said:

There is no more hack free experience... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm3Wj2YfDx0

and i was so disappointed by IW....played every day CoD4....and when I heard that MW2 will come I was looking for the game...till the msg came: NO DEDI servers... mh.... I will buy Bad Company 2....really this will be the real CoD4 sequel.

Guest said:

yeah, i bought the game ot really paying any attention to the new MP format. if i'd have known i prolly wudna bought it. ive been on a couple times since it came out and i am very dissapointed in not being able to browse for a server i like. i feel like ive been hearded like cattle to some ramdom server. what i enjoyed about the last game was i could "set server to favorites" once i found a good playing/ cool people/ specific maps server. looks like i have no choice where i play now.

it was a really bad idea to do this. sure it might be easier for the newbies to get into a game easier, but its only good for newbies. once they have a feel for the game they too will wonder why they dont have a choice of what particular server they play on.

i would pay extra if this company would put things back the way they're supposed to be.

give us a patch for a server list and mods.

let the newbies play on this type of "console" until they figure out the way its supposed to be. by then they can patch their game and play with the rest of us.

i'll be playing on MW1 and WAW till then. i may even get around to the single player too, but prolly not multi.

sure the graphics are cool but look how big the community of counter strike is....are ya pickin up what i'm layin down???

j4m32 said:

It's the same with Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Epic fail, killed a series.

End of.

I don't see how domestic Internet connections of the UK which average about 2mbit down and about 448kbit upload. For 18 players with 20 snapshots (engine default since U cannot change any settings on CoD MW2) at ~20kbytes a piece when the game is that full -> is practially a total flood and huge latency is induced.

You would need an actual through-put of around 3mbit or greater in upload to run 18 players with LESS problems for their ping times.

That's excluding any voice communication, since that's an extra overhead, I wouldn't be surprised if it's limited by the client rate too.

Hence why you will all have pings of 100+ QED. Glad I didn't bother preordering, the promotional videos said it all.

A poor console port and incorrectly labled "PC".

Guest said:

I am a casual gamer in 50s a marine corps veteran and love the cod series.and have supported all of them.I love going into my favorite servers and playing at my choice.I love downloading the latests mods. and new maps to see what someone has ceated.I just want to thank all of the talented folks all over the world who takethe time and energy creating content for all of us to keep a game like this alive,fresh and fun.I also meet folks half my age and closer to my age in work contacts talking about games find out they play mw1 and are in a clan I like to have that freedom to join on thier server and have a frag fest is a blast made some great friends through dedicated servers with like minded ppl that also enjoy this release we call fps shooter fun.I think iw decision to f**** the pc community with this crap after all the support all over the world pc community has kept this franchise alive and strong.ya they sell mass quanity of console games but they have short attention spans pc community is strong and keep game like this alive and keeps ppl engaged and interested till the next game release.I will not be buying this game will stick to mw1 for now and I only can hope the pc community stays strong and not support this game. Keep the faith! SEMPER FI

Ranger12 Ranger12 said:

wellll, looks like Im a little late posting but...

ditto everything the rest of yall said. lol

its really disappointing.

Razerblade said:

When i heard about this game i was so excited cos I absolutely love COD4! However! They have completely ruined what could have been a great game! The single player i found was quite good and i enjoyed playing through it. The game play I think is really good and i like the new weapons.

But that is where the compliments stop! The multiplayer is shocking! I couldn't believe how bad it is! You have to sit there for ages while it chooses a game and finds players for that game! You then have to wait while it chooses a host and sets up the game. Finally you start playing, you get into the game and suddenly it all stops cos the host leaves! So you then have to sit there for ages while it moves the game to another player! Then you start playing again! The game then finishes and you then sit there and wait for ages before the next one starts! Half the time on multiplayer is waiting around for a game! Its meant to be a game not a film!!!! We want to be able to play not sit around for ages waiting! And 9 vs 9! Are they Mad!!!!! Over in Afghanistan, do you think there are only 9 solders fighting 9 Taliban?! No there are hundreds! It makes it so unrealistic its ridiculous! They really have ruined what could have been an immense game!

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