News around the web: Mininova Goes ‘Legal’

By on November 26, 2009, 12:10 PM
Mininova Deletes All Infringing Torrents and Goes ‘Legal’ @ TorrentFreak
Fears over future of Wikipedia as 49,000 volunteers leave site @ DailyMail
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Spin-based electronics gets boost @ BBC News
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Deso said:


"are vampires real?"

Now that's legit news for you.

tengeta tengeta said:

Mininova going legal? What, is this the 25th time they've claimed that now?

DarKSeeD DarKSeeD said:

More and more torrent sites will go down. Look at The Pirate Bay case...

Ithryl said:

Wonder where are all the torrent sites are headed. With more and more government watch and forced isp watch over the customers it's prolly not hard to guess.

kaonis92 said:

After Pirate Bay went down, many will follow as they are afraid to have a similar ending. But...they will never be able to have internet under their complete control

AllEyezOnMe said:

The Internet is a level playing field with forever changing goal posts, just another shift of the goal posts with Mininova going "legit", a sacrifice has to be made for propaganda to the greedy, bloated rich film and music industries artists & investors, and the leeching, bloody-sucking Lawyers. They should move with the times, embrace and develop P2P, instead of charging OTT prices to us the consumers, such as for BDs, DVDs and CDs!!!

Puiu Puiu said:

There are only a few good alternatives to mininova, but i'm sure that they won't last long too.

They did the right thing by not appealing because they wouldn't stand a chance to win. At least they don't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money after loosing.

Styl said:

kaonis92 said:

After Pirate Bay went down, many will follow as they are afraid to have a similar ending. But...they will never be able to have internet under their complete control

TPB is still alive, its just trackerless now, using DHT, PEX, and Magnet links.

I knew Mininova was finished when they started filtering content. It was only a matter of time before they removed everything except a handful of featured content.

ColdPreacher said:

Wow Wikipedia may be on its final stand.

matchu said:

Yeah... I absolutely love wikipedia. So useful for my school work / background reading. And just darned interesting sometimes, too =P i hope it stays up.

vangrat said:

I am really hoping that Wikipedia does not crash n burn, that website has kept me awake and sain through so many long nights..

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Wow I'm a little shocked and kind of saddened that mininova got castrated, they started taking down some torrents a few months ago but I just had a browse and everything's gone! There's not even software and games categories on the home page any more. But as always there's still loads of alternative torrent sites although mininova always had informative comments on the torrents.

saintbodhisatva said:

I dont think it will be just content that wikipedia has to deal with, financially this would have an impact as well.

Peroucho8 said:

it's sad for me that mininova is like that now.. it was my first torrent site =(

Serag said:

I really hope Wikipedia recover from this..

levar said:

Great mininova goes legal, thats really awesome, must be because the closing of tpb. Scared maybe, sad though and wiki ouch that would suck, the beta just started wow I really hope it recovers.

yorro said:

5970 destroys GTX295 !?

holyPaladin said:

Ouch I use mininova a lot....

Timonius Timonius said:

"Spin-based electronics gets boost @ BBC News" That's some pretty neat stuff. Can't wait for 'spintronics'! But will it become practical in our lifetime?

levar said:

holyPaladin said:

Ouch I use mininova a lot....

they're gonna lose a LOT of users. Good news for new private trackers

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

I hope wikipedia doesn't get shut down becuase some killer, that site has helped me alot with my education, and whenever i have a question about someone, or something, I go there first for a quick history lesson just to gain some understanding. I know the site isn't 100% right but from my experience people never post lies, and speculation is always duely noted. This would be an epic loss for the internet if it does and then no site is safe.

fref said:

Farewell Mininova, we'll miss you. With The Pirate Bay now out of the picture, what's left? I guess the bittorrent days are coming to an end, and we'll see an alternative to bittorrent emerge soon.

buttus said:

Jeez....Mininova goes legit, Pirate Bay dies....are the torrentz an endangered species?

Apart from that, I think I will have to wait for Julio to do a contest for a 5970 card as there is NO way I could ever justify that expense to the wife should I purchase one. Winning on the other hand....

kodrutz kodrutz said:

Yup, it really does that, and it can also cook and wash your car!

kodrutz kodrutz said:

Whoops, it was supposed to be an answer to yorro... :|

cannon777 said:

hahahah at the vampire news item lol, and its a shame about mininova, thats pretty much the only torrent site I need to use but oh well, there'll always be more sites and like kaonis92 said, the internet will never be under full control

swilllx2p said:

, Yeah mininova was by far my favorite torrent site. Oh well I guess. I would guess as many others have that they're scared of the legal action. Mininova hasn't been the same since it filtered alot of content before anyways.

IvanAwfulitch IvanAwfulitch said:

Well, there goes one of my only sources for watching Top Gear . WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD TO WATCH THIS SHOW IN AMERICA?!? Mininova was a good site. I'm wondering though if the infringing stuff will come back slowly, or whether this is a permanent removal both now and for the future. I have needs. Don't judge me!

AbsolutGaloot said:

Filesharing will always find a way. It may go back to Usenet style get links from people in a chatroom, but there will always be ways to get what you want. It's just how digital media works, and copyright law will be fighting a losing battle to combat it unless it gets significantly revised to take into account the differences of digital media.

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