Nvidia quietly intros first GeForce 300-series graphics card

By on November 26, 2009, 4:10 PM
Nvidia has quietly introduced its first GeForce 300-series graphics card -- but don't get too excited. The GeForce 310 is more or less a rebranded GeForce 210. It uses current generation Nvidia parts and doesn't appear to implement any new technology -- not even DirectX 11 -- meaning that the company's much anticipated Fermi architecture remains dormant.

Like the GeForce 210, the 310 offers a basic upgrade from an integrated graphics chip, but isn't an ideal solution for gaming with only 16 CUDA cores and a 64-bit memory bus. Other specifications include a 589MHz graphics clock, a 1402MHz processor clock, 512MB of DDR2 VRAM running at 500MHz, DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.1 support, a maximum digital resolution of 2560x1600, and connectors for DVI, VGA, as well as DisplayPort.

While it may not be a Fermi-based card and isn't adequate for enthusiast-level gaming, the GeForce 310 should prove sufficient for 1080p video and general-purpose computing. Nvidia has yet to disclose a release date.

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vangrat said:

and here I was just reading up on the new ati card Radeon HD 5970. But seriously now Nvidia, what was the point of this card, Is it targeted towards more of a corporate client that needs a slightly beefer workstation or is this supposed to confuse people into buying another gpu thinking that they are getting top end?

Per Hansson Per Hansson, TS Server Guru, said:

nVidia and their retarded rebranding / naming system, it just sickens me!

A 8800GTS 512MB is a 9800GTX+ is a GTS 250M is a Geforce 3xx...?

Are they really that lame that instead of developing new products they simply rebrand whatever they find in their stock nowdays? Sure seems so I must say!

"On April 1, 2008 the GeForce 9800 GTX was officially launched. It was basically an 8800 GTS 512MB with two SLI connectors, higher clock speeds, and support for Nvidia Hybrid Power"

"The GTS 250 is basically a 55nm G92b based 9800 GTX+ GPU on a new P361 PCB and internally Nvidia calls it D10P2. The differences are mainly on the power design; the core and memory speeds are identical to the 9800 GTX+ but power consumption has been lowered. However, not all GTS 250's have these improvements. Some of the earlier GTS 250's were merely rebranded 9800 GTX+ video cards."

blimp01 said:

i dont think many people are gona buy this lol it looks liek a geforce 6200

Vicenarian said:

Is it just me, or does it not make sense to have a plastic cover on top of the heatsink?

klepto12 klepto12, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Lol nvidia now this is funny doesnt even release a real 300 series card. i dont understand why they rebrand cards so much it isnt fair to the consumer.

Clrabbit said:

That's sad... this is like the lamest thing I've seen them do in a long while. Just re-brand a current gen low-end card to get a few more sells....

This is not a 300 at best its a 210.5 or 215.

Just sad.

BMfan BMfan said:

Typical,just rename one of there old cards.

Fragrant Coit Fragrant Coit said:

I can't see the point of re-badgeing a 210 to a 3xx. When the higher end cards are released it will make consumers sceptical as to whether they are getting something new, or an old card with a different BIOS - if you're lucky!

No wonder it was quietly released!

hellokitty[hk] hellokitty[hk], I'm a TechSpot Evangelist, said:

"A 8800GTS 512MB is a 9800GTX+ is a GTS 250M is a Geforce 3xx...?"

They are marginal improvements over their ancestors, and good cards.

pgbsamurai said:

I really wish Nvidia would actually release some new technology instead of just re branding everything like they have for the past 2 and a half years.

Adhmuz Adhmuz, TechSpot Paladin, said:

pgbsamurai said:

I really wish Nvidia would actually release some new technology instead of just re branding everything like they have for the past 2 and a half years.

Agreed. Its one of those "Hey look we do have a 3XX Series card on the market, no wait its just another card we already have that ins't selling anymore but thing we can get away with renaming it..." If I had money I would be buying a 5870, I've almost had enough of this crap from Nvidia.

Cueto_99 said:

The first card of a new series should be everything but this... is the "boom", its the prelude of what's coming for the next year... and I don't mean It should be a $600 card... it could be a $100 card, with excellent price/performance ratio... BTW,I know the 300 series is going to be amazing, but it was just a big mistake to brand this card as the start of the this campaign...

Kibaruk Kibaruk, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Mmmm I'm adding myself into the group of people asking what the heck is the deal in here, so it's basicly an above integrated chipset video card with a... fan?? Is that it??

Wow... I'm still in love with my ATI HD2600XT!

There are older and cheaper cards, that apparently and according to the description here give should work way better. I'm still wondering what the heck happened here.

saintbodhisatva said:

what a way to keep Nvidia in the public eye until the real Fermi comes to market. Bad Nvidia.

Serag said:

I reckon all this is just another piece of individually useless news "very low performance card" is just a way to keep people reminded about their next-big-thing and push some Nvidia news in the front which will serve the same purpose

Deso said:


Only reason they do this is so when people who don't have a clue about pc parts

and buy whole complete systems, I can guarantee in cheap systems this card will be

used and clueless people will think it's a good card from the next generation

This is literally a scam for dumb people

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Seriously, if they sell six of these it'll be a miracle. It will also be the six dumbest shoppers around.

wolfram wolfram, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I'm sure someone will "upgrade " their old 210 with this 310.

"Hey look we've got a new Geforce 350! Oh wait.... it's the 8800 again...."

Silly guys.

mopar man mopar man, TechSpot Ambassador, said:

I have a few friends who would buy this on the spot thinking it's the latest and greatest from them... poor blokes.

It really does resemble my 6200 at a glance. XD

Guest said:

WTF come on Nvidia i always went and brought your GPUs but i have just brought a ATI 5870 because i can't stand waiting on something that is vapor ware and your rebranding of old cards as to stop!!!!! its geting very old.

shoeseat said:

hahaaa this is joke or what from nvidia?everybody were expecting big,powerful beast as 300 series and look what they came out with.We have a saying in our country like you dig hills for gold and all we found is mice.hahaaaa

Timonius Timonius said:

Nvidia continues the tease! All the foreplay better pay off

lfg18 said:

I thought that this was a hi-end card jaja I was wrong, maybe NVIDIA is having second thougnts about getting their new cards on the market, with the current cards by AMD it is going to be difficult to recover the lead.

I agree with most of you up there, One thing that made me decide on an AMD besed card was the way in which NVIDIA names their cards, its just complicated, now I'm waitibg for tomorrow to run and get a new 5870

levar said:

What about the cost for this thing? Whatever the case its probably gonna be cheap, nice specs for a typical workstation.

freedomthinker said:

Nvidia is seriously dying , there not making any progress so far , seriously there soon will be a dead-end and then its good bye nvidia

Puiu Puiu said:

This is a good way to make people talk about the 300 series and nvidia knows it. And i'm sure that some not so tech savvy people will be suckered into buying it just because it is from the "new generation" or because it is the card with the biggest number on it.

This is the lamest product nvidia has ever released. Re-re-branding? Please be a bit more serious nvidia or others will start laughing at you. (i know i am)

PNagy said:

Nice trick from the Greens again. I hope the Femi is good enough for making balance on the market. Now only GTX 260 is the only NV card which make sense and just beacuse its good price.

Razerblade said:

Im so surprised at Nvidia lately! I thought they would be bringing out some really extraordinary cards since ATI are bringing out their 5000 series, but instead they are just falling further and further behind. Lucky for them, ATI cannot produce the amount of cards consumers are demanding!

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

For something that is supposed to be so powerful it sure is small, like my super old geforce 6800 lol my 9800 gt 1 gb is 4 times bigger than that. I think though with its lack of improvement, and silence on release it would just be better to wait a month or two and wait for a better more powerful card to come out.

Guest said:

I'm afraid that my GTX280 will be my last card from nVidia...

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

This is a stupid and rather desperate move from nvidia. How did they even think that this card was worthy of a 3xx label? Anyway let's just hope that the Fermis are quick and then we can have some price competition at the high end.

Nirkon said:

What ATI counterpart does this rival?? I don't understand these GPU releases.

kaonis92 said:

Nvidia uses lame marketing tactics that only confuse customers, it has followed this rebranding tactic many times, renaming it's current generation gpu's to a "next" generation gpu's. While ATI really advances its gpu's, offering real upgrades (5xxx gen.)!!

Fragrant Coit Fragrant Coit said:


"Nvidia is seriously dying , there not making any progress so far , seriously there soon will be a dead-end and then its good bye nvidia "

I seriously doubt that! It's just a bad marketing move.

NVidia generally have the upper hand, but ATI/AMD have been training hard & have won a few rounds recently.

If, hypothetically, 1 of the big 2 did go under, then there'd be a monopoly, prices would skyrocket & there'd be no competition to develop & release updated tech until the company felt like it.

Fragrant Coit Fragrant Coit said:

freedomthinker said:

Nvidia is seriously dying , there not making any progress so far , seriously there soon will be a dead-end and then its good bye nvidia

Man, are you serious?

BMfan BMfan said:

All the people guying nvidia gpu's are allowing them to just rebrand every card,at least ati are bring out new cards just hope they don't start pulling an nvidia.

manintech said:

this card looks like it's from last century

fref said:

nVidia appears to be desperate these days. Like they need to be in the news somehow, even if it means releasing cheapo rebranded cards that we don't need (since there are already plenty of models to choose from). They've done that several times in the past few months, and every time, forums are filled with bad comments. I wonder why they keep doing it. If they could just release the Fermi already, now we'd have something to discuss.

Kibaruk Kibaruk, TechSpot Paladin, said:

levar said:

What about the cost for this thing? Whatever the case its probably gonna be cheap, nice specs for a typical workstation.

I rather buy a motherboard with an integrated radeon HD3200, which are very cheap.

JMMD JMMD, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Nvidia is the king of re-branding their GPU's. It's almost like they want to confuse the consumer. How is anyone (besides the tech savvy) supposed to keep up with all these incarnations of video cards.

Steve Steve said:

Looks like Nvidia's marketing team have been working harder than their engineers again

harby said:

Seriously nV, thats with lame products like this? Why do they even bother going with such things? This thing is just a 210 with another sticker. But I guess there are still people out there that only look at numbers.

"ohhh, 310! must be awesome since its series-3."

Whatever, and there I got excited for nothing

buttus said:

Nvidia is really on the ropes. They are in some financial difficulty, AMD is just smoking them on the cards and even their chipset business is faultering.

It's amazing what a few years can do. Not that long ago AMD was taking the slings and arrows for aquiring ATI and here we are and the tables have certainly turned.

Guest said:

Oh God, no more rebrandings... Nvidia should be thankful that AMD is facing production shortages on their 5000 series.

This only adds up to consumer confusion. Also why there are performance improvements only on mid to high-end models? budget models performance is almost equal to the budget models of the previous generation.

Damn at least they could have stuck some pretty heatsink on it to make it look more appealing to novice users.

BlackIrish said:

I can't wait to see this card branded as "4GB MEMORY GeForce Series 3", and people buying it, thinking they'll play games on it :p

It even worked on me a few times when I was younger - now I had it with nvidia and buy only ATI

jgvmx said:

I have seen fancier 6200 models than this. At least they could have stuck a flashy heatsink to impress the noobies.

How much they plan to sell this thing for, $20? For less than 100 bucks you can get a much much better card, so i guess these things would come as a prize on a kelloggs cereal box. Nvidia, what has happened to thou?

dextersh said:

I don't see why anybody would bye this card. If I want weak card I would just stick with a onboard card. If I want to play games or work 3d, this card is no good too. Only people who watch the memory would bye this card, cause it has 512MB (of slow memory).

DarKSeeD DarKSeeD said:

blimp01 said:

i dont think many people are gona buy this lol it looks liek a geforce 6200

You'll be surprised to find that still many people don't afford a better card and go with a lower version like the card described.

I know one computer shop where they are still selling 7200GS like crazy!

Zeromus said:

Oh no, just wait. Truly you must underestimate the power of a single streaming processor from this point, though there isn't any FERMI conglomerates at this time, they've souped up the single CUDA core even more powerful than before in this architecture. This is true because look at the 5970, look at the frames it gets in comparison to it's streaming processor count. At one benchmark it received an average of 37 fps for crysis at very high settings given it's 3200 cores. The 295 GTX received 25 frames for 480 cores. The 25:480 ratio means the 200 series has a 0.052 frames per core ratio in comparison to ATI's 0.012. When FERMI does come out to consumer graphics acceleration, I bet that ratio, even in such a marginal increase, could mean completely outdoing anything ATI has to push out after such a grandeur release.

peas said:

anyone else sense that Nvidia is in trouble? It's a sign of desperation when a company takes an old design and continually rebrands it with "new" marketing models. It's like Nvidia desperately wants to shout to the world that it has a "new" product but doesn't really have anything.

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