Adobe announces Air 2.5 for phones, tablets and TVs

By on October 25, 2010, 8:30 AM
Continuing its efforts to bring its technology to every device possible, Adobe has announced a new version of its Air cross-platform runtime environment that will bring support not only for PCs, but also mobile phones, tablets and TVs. Companies like Samsung, Acer, HTC, Motorola and RIM all set to support the technology, with Samsung reportedly shipping its SmarTV with a pre-installed version of Android and Air sometime in 2011.

Among the new features in version 2.5 are support for accelerometers, multi-touch gestures, cameras and microphones, GPS data, and hardware acceleration. Most of these things are pretty common on mobile devices nowadays so it’s no surprise the new version of Air arrives with such upgrades. To support the new release, Adobe also announced a marketplace for developers to easily distribute and sell their apps on stores across different devices.”

Basically Adobe InMarket will let developers create a single application that runs on multiple devices with only a few tweaks, also allowing to publish and manage them across partner stores through a centralized portal. It seems Adobe is still negotiating with various app store partners, so the only one it’s announcing right now is Intel AppUp, but Android and other platforms are likely to follow – and Apple’s iOS probably will not.

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GonchuB GonchuB said:

that means tweetdeck everywhere! wohooo!

BasiX12 said:

its seems to be a good technology especially for Android based devices, but we have to wait until this spread on most of the coming gadgets to see how this react

ElShotte ElShotte said:

Wow, I remember a while ago Adobe had a week's worth of free Flex Training (Adobe Flash Builder 4). It kinda makes me want to go back and finish that week's training and possibly get into Air app development, especially given it will be available on such a wide array of platforms.

stensland said:

My question with Adobe is why do they stay so loyal to Apple? When Apple was in crisis Adobe was the one company that stuck with them, and now Apple flips them the bird and completely removes them from their phones OS compatibility as well as no longer ships them with their machines. It's as though Adobe is their whipping boy, when in fact the life of Apple is tied directly to Adobe staying with them. It is nice to see that Adobe SEEMS to be noticing that Apple is directly beating them into the ground.

Reading through the actual post I had a bit of a laugh, it mentioned TVs with the new Adobe Air 2.5 being supported on them and it went on to mention support for accelerometers, and the first thing that popped into my head was some family trying to get their TV to use its "accelerometer" while they are all holding it, flipping it around and turning it every which way.

Lastly, having the InMarket in which devs can sell across multiple platforms is an ingenious idea. To make it as easy as possible for devs to create and distribute their apps will bring in HUGE revenue for both the devs and Adobe, as well as even greater innovation due to ease of use. Kudos Adobe, kudos.

Zoner1501 Zoner1501 said:

I think its great Adobe is expanding across all platforms, as for Apple I heard their next plan is to do away with Java...

treeski treeski said:

Apple trying to kill Flash may have been a great thing for Adobe. Adobe really has to step its game up and that will probably be a really good thing in the long run.

kaonis92 said:

A good move from Adobe and probably another missed chance for Apple. I will be moving to Android as soon as v3 is out

jjbeard926 said:

My first reaction to this is: So? But then I stop to think about it and read it more, which leave me with the impression: Who cares?

I don't think I've ever seen anything use this. Is anyone using it? This could be the coolest technology in the world because it's already running a ton of apps and I don't even realize it. And in the end isn't that what we want from our tech? To just work. So could someone enlighten me? What uses this? I have it installed and have no idea why.

And if the answer is anything to do with Twitter don't tell me, that's a huge negative on it's usefulness not a boon.

elroacho72 said:

How about 64 bit flash Adobe when will you get that done? We have been waiting.

rizalp said:

Hope that Adobe will released Air in the WP7 soon

jjbeard926 said:

So just to see what uses this I uninstalled it. The answer? Nothing. That's right, nothing uses it. I can't find anything that doesn't work now, I can't find a list anywhere online stating anything that uses this platform, nadda.

So again I say: so? No one seems to care enough to develop anything using this. It's just another insecure product from them I'll need to update every other week to avoid getting hacked.

topcoach said:

If Apple decides not to support Adobe Air, then it is another reason to switch from iOS.

ruzveh said:

how many services and applications will a mobile phone have in them? JAVA, AIr, Flash, HTML5, etc.

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