Winamp 5.6 and Winamp 0.9.2 beta for Android arrive

By on November 30, 2010, 2:05 PM
Winamp has released two new versions of its software. Winamp 5.6 Media Player and Winamp 0.9.2 beta for Android are available for download and together provide a "complete end-to-end music management solution for your desktop and Android device."

Winamp 5.6 adds a new device management interface that supports wireless syncing of media, simple management of multiple connected devices, and faster encoding and transferring of media to your devices over USB or WiFi. Winamp can now wirelessly sync your music library over Wi-Fi, import your iTunes library to Android, and stream over 40,000 internet radio stations with the integrated SHOUTcast Radio directory (Android 2.2+). Wireless device syncing and streaming will only work if you have Winamp for Android installed.

Winamp 0.9.2 beta for Android has the following features:

  • Wireless Desktop Sync: Enable Wi-Fi sync (Launch Winamp for Android => Winamp Home screen => Menu button (hard button) => Settings => Winamp Help) and leave your cable behind. Now your playlists are also synced wirelessly.
  • SHOUTcast Radio: Extend your listening experience beyond your own library. Search, Favorite, and play over 40,000 Internet radio stations.
  • Android Widget Players & Shortcuts: In addition to the standard widget there is now a new smaller (4x1) widget. You can also add your favorite playlists to your Android home screen, as well as enable playback control from the lock-screen.
  • Now Playing: Displays song info, album art, and more. Press and hold on the song info to interact with other apps like Pandora, YouTube, and the Amazon MP3 Store (requires that these additional apps are installed on your device). Get Artist information like bios, pictures, and more by clicking on the info icon.
  • Persistent Player Controls: Intuitive interface with player controls that are always available. Quickly pause, change tracks, manage your play queue, see what's playing, and access the Winamp Home screen.
  • Play Queue Management: The play queue is a temporary track listing that allows you to easily see what's playing next, jump ahead, or change the order of tracks in your queue. You can also save it as a playlist.
  • Scrobbling: Supports scrobbling with the app installed (on your Android device). Capture all of your mobile listening history in real time.
  • Language Support: Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, and Russian. More to come.

To use Winamp on your Android device, download Winamp for your PC, download Winamp for Android, and either use a USB cable or Wi-Fi to sync your music library to your device.

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Yoryka said:

winamp???? whats that i seem to have forgotten as it died about 3 years ago to the greatest thing ever to hit the earth VLC!!!, i think theres a vlc for android, i know they came out for 1 for psp a while back, i find winamps is a huge usage chewer, think ill play me some solitaire, lol jk i cant im listening to music on winamp but seriously i think if they put this on a phone, and they havent done some serious upgrades, i can honestly say its not gonna last long

Guest said:

Are you braindead ? Vlc doesnt match winamp in music playback in any meaningful way whatsoever. Vlc is to winamp what media player for win95 is no media player 11. As for video , yea we can talk about it but this article is about music management.

Yoryka said:

i was just stating that vlc uses less usage? no need to get huffed, i used to use winamp its all i used but i it lagged wen i tried to run games and junk then changed to vlc and it used alot less compared to winamp

Yoryka said:

ok music management, wise. winamp, yes is a great program for the management of your favorite music and media needs, but i wont recommend it to some1 with a low end pc, or phone who plan to multi-task, i just downloaded it to have a play around and a tinker, i found it uses 25,000k more memory then vlc, it still supports the amazing low ql streaming, i really like the new "song of the day" upcomming bands would really enjoy this

Guest said:

True that .. its a little more resource hungry but in todays age with entry level machines having 2gb of ram it should not be an issue .... My browsers hit more than a gigs memory usage with allot of open tabs ... 25mb isnt that much .

edison5do said:

True about that, some times you go to TaskManager and your firefox is taking 1gb of ram for him self with only seven o even six tabs, but some java,Flash, and other stuff inside. And no matter what kind of pc you have, if your winamp LAGGG, just change the theme to the clasis one or eny other ligther, that will match the VLC usage.

Yoryka said:

most if seen fire fox about 150,000 k while i was playing b ops and that games an epic chewer of the memory, but 4 srs get on some of the songs of the day on winamp they take some epic cake!

SNGX1275 SNGX1275, TS Forces Special, said:

Everything after winamp 2.xx has sucked.

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