Weve got an article coming up next week that we hope will help you keep track of some of the most anticipated PC game releases for 2011. Like we did last year, well be listing around 30 titles spanning nearly every genre alongside their expected release date and other relevant information. From the looks of it, gamers are in for another great year, with most of 2010s delayed titles finally hitting store shelves and many other anticipated games making their debut.

The role-playing genre seems to be getting quite a few proponents this year, with several of them focusing on massively multiplayer online gameplay, and of course there wont be any shortage of fast-paced first-person shooting action with Crysis 2 and Duke Nukem Forever were crossing our fingers for that last one. Besides telling us what games youre looking forward to the most, this week we want to know whats your favorite type of game.

In the embedded poll below weve included a list with some the most common video game genres which we simplified for practical reasons, as game categories can get really specific nowadays. You can tick one or more options, and of course if weve missed something or you want to elaborate feel free to sound off in the comments.