Nokia changes naming convention for phones: just numbers

By on August 2, 2011, 6:00 PM

Nokia launched the Nokia 500 this week, featuring a 1GHz processor, changeable back covers, and the Symbian Anna operating system. Since the company is slowly moving to Windows Phone, this phone was hardly worth discussing. What is worth mentioning, however, is the change that the device brings for the company: the Nokia 500 is the first of all future Nokia phones to be named with just numbers, no letters.

Nokia has finally admitted that its naming structure is a complete mess, and has decided to change it. The company listed three reasons for the sudden change:

  1. Don't tell us what to do with our phones: most phones nowadays have very adaptable hardware and software, meaning you can do a lot with them, even if they aren't advertised for a given task. Nokia's classifications were indicators, but often didn't match-up to what people were actually doing with their phones.
  2. Hard to compare: how does the Nokia C7 differ from the Nokia X7, or the Nokia C3 from the Nokia C3-01. Which of them is the more expensive one?
  3. People are fine with numbers: consumers understand the logic behind "the bigger the number, the more you get" philosophy. Furthermore, used consistently over time, people learn to know roughly what to expect from a model using its number as a reference.

Nokia's new system works like this: the first number is the relative price/feature point, while the second two numbers gives each device a unique identifier within that point. In other words, Nokia can release 99 more phones at the 500 point before it has to recycle the name.

This is a system that few companies use, but I honestly wish everyone did. It's simple, concise, and gets the job done without any extra messiness.

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Anshrew said:

So Nokia phones now use the same naming method as GPU's. Fine by me.

Xero07 said:

The numbers are definitely useful but are probably less catchy for marketing. Could work though.

Guest said:

nokia x3-00 nokia x3-01 nokia x3 touch what up!!!!!

Guest said:

1. Don't tell us what to do with our phones.

well for one, we like to tell you what to do with your phones, cos well for one you guys are dumb enough to continue to use Symbian when everyone's using android. well at least you made an effort to go with win 7 mobile but hey we're just trying to keep you alive and not die out. it'll be a JOKE if the biggest mobile phone company closes down because they didnt want to move with the times.

Guest said:

Nokia HD 5770 or Nokia HD 6570 which is better ?

kahping said:

"It's simple, concise, and gets the job done without any extra messiness."... until they start recycling the numbers.

Confused customer: "Hmm... is that the older Nokia 500, or the newer Nokia 500 you have there?"

The important thing is the system is consistent but some amount of "messiness" is unavoidable I think.

nismo91 said:

well isn't the old nokia (remember 8810?) only use numbers? until they start their N and E series for their Symbian flavors. just hope nokia get wp7.5 asap.

Guest said:

Nvidia GeForce!

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