Nokia changes naming convention for phones: just numbers


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Nokia launched the Nokia 500 this week, featuring a 1GHz processor, changeable back covers, and the Symbian Anna operating system. Since the company is slowly moving to Windows Phone, this…

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The numbers are definitely useful but are probably less catchy for marketing. Could work though.


1. Don't tell us what to do with our phones.
well for one, we like to tell you what to do with your phones, cos well for one you guys are dumb enough to continue to use Symbian when everyone's using android. well at least you made an effort to go with win 7 mobile but hey we're just trying to keep you alive and not die out. it'll be a JOKE if the biggest mobile phone company closes down because they didnt want to move with the times.


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"It's simple, concise, and gets the job done without any extra messiness."... until they start recycling the numbers.

Confused customer: "Hmm... is that the older Nokia 500, or the newer Nokia 500 you have there?"

The important thing is the system is consistent but some amount of "messiness" is unavoidable I think.


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well isn't the old nokia (remember 8810?) only use numbers? until they start their N and E series for their Symbian flavors. just hope nokia get wp7.5 asap.