AMD Trinity APU internal benchmark slides surface

By on November 21, 2011, 2:00 PM

AMD's upcoming 'Trinity' APU is expected to swing into production as early as January 2012 and arrive in actual products somewhere around late Q1 and early Q2. Although details are rather thin regarding performance, the Turks over at DonanimHaber have posted yet another batch of leaked AMD slides, this time comparing the company's second generation APUs for desktops to their Llano predecessors.

Overall, Trinity appears to be around 20% faster in general-purpose tasks and 30% faster in graphics processing applications compared to existing chip. In 3DMark Vantage, AMD's Trinity A8 and A6 parts scored around 1000 points more than their Llano counterparts. The Trinity A4-series saw a less impressive gain of around 500 points but that still represented a 23% improvement.

In "general performance" benchmarks, based on the PCMark Vantage suite, Trinity APUs overtake their predecessors by 10%-20% margins while on the "compute capacity" benchmark the Trinity A8-series stands out with a 72% increase over its Llano counterpart. Keep in mind that these numbers represent the company's own internal testing and should be taken with a grain of salt.

AMD also claims a significant improvement when pairing A8-, A6- and A4-series Trinity parts with a discrete Turks Pro GPU (aka Radeon HD 6570) in a dual graphics configuration.

AMD's second-generation APU for mainstream personal computers (Comal for notebooks and Virgo for desktops) will be made using 32nm SOI HKMG process technology at GlobalFoundries. Trinity will feature up to four "Piledriver" cores, which are enhanced variants of the Bulldozer core found on FX Series processors, as well as AMD Radeon HD 7000-series "Southern Islands" graphics core with DirectX 11-class graphics support, DDR3 memory controller and other improvements. The chips will be compatible with new FM2 sockets.

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dividebyzero dividebyzero, trainee n00b, said:

What a surprise...

I think in the short term we will see

1.Trinity being bigged-up and Piledriver/Steamroller/Excavator progressively marginalized

Good to see that AMD's Department of Spin has been largely unaffected by the employee layoffs.

A little hard to reconcile these supposed performance leaps [link] . I'd have to assume that Apple must be privy to the next generation of 32/28/22nm hardware to make that decision...both relative performance and availability

Breech said:

I remember that certainly called it. I guess fusion IS the future for AMD, if they are going to have one at all.

godrilla said:

A15 vs APU vs ivybridge for windows 8 in 2012

Apu powerful gpu

Ivybridge powerful cpu

Arm's A15 energy efficient at way less power usage and way cheaper!

All 3 will be dx11 compatible

2012 can't wait

dividebyzero dividebyzero, trainee n00b, said:

A15 vs APU vs ivybridge for windows 8 in 2012

Might be a little optimistic there champ

Apu powerful gpu

Within reason.

1. The CPU side needs to step it up if Trinity is going to make a move into "all-purpose" computing

2. I don't think it's all plain sailing for Trinity. The recent articles stating that [link] , and they are starting over with TSMC - different implementation means a ground up re-design.

I'm not sure if firing Trinity's chief architect represents forward progress either:


Ivybridge powerful cpu

Assuredly....and of course having all the major OEM's on board now makes IB a success before it even enters the channel

Arm's A15 energy efficient at way less power usage and way cheaper!

Cortex-A15 isn't likely to be a player until 2013.The A15 has only just taped out,

All 3 will be dx11 compatible

Cortex-A15 has no graphics capability, and needs to be paired with a GPU such as Mali T-604

Guest said:

Single-core CPU performance is all I care about.

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