Google now activating 700,000 Android devices per day

By on December 21, 2011, 9:30 AM

Google's vice president of mobile Andy Rubin has revealed that device activations for Android are now at a whopping 700,000 per day. That's a 40% increase from the 500,000 Android devices per day being activated back in June, and a 27% jump from the 550,000 figure touted during Google's second quarter earnings call in July.

Rubin made the announcement on his Google+ account and later clarified: "For those wondering, we count each device only once (ie, we don't count re-sold devices), and 'activations' means you go into a store, buy a device, put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service."

By comparison, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs revealed in October that iOS activations stood at 275,000 on average per day. The Cupertino-based company still has a slight edge when it comes to total device activitions, with cumulative iOS sales topping 250 million devices during the most recent September quarter, while the total number of Android devices activated so far is around 200 million. But Google is catching up fast at its current activation rate.

In terms of market share for smartphones alone it's another story. Recent figures from the NPD Group show that Android-based handsets represented a 53% share of the market by the end of October, compared to Apple iPhone's 29%. When it comes to tablets Apple still held a dominant 61.5%  share in the third quarter, but that figure is expected to go down with the addition of sales of Amazon's Kindle Fire in the fourth quarter.

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MilwaukeeMike said:

So google is activating smart phones and tables at a rate of 21 million a month (that's like 16 months for the entire US and Canada), and apple is activating 7.5 million a month... What's going on with this recession I keep hearing so much about?

Guest said:

hahaha nice one milwaukeemike this is so true

Guest said:

Yeah, milwaukeemike you're right. I was saying the same thing to my friends. ...there were 120 people packed into the apple store the other day, and north america just broke a record this year for the 4 top selling shoppng days (like cyber monday), and I just heard that overall sales were up a whopping 15% in 2011 over, i too don't get the poor economy thing.

Guest said:

guy's the recession doesn't have much to do with it, though it does play a little roll.

android devices are actually cheaper than iOS devices, as well as a wider selection.

I've seen prepaid android phones as cheap at 20$ for the device alone, tell me when you find an apple device that cheap.

in short terms, android's are generally more affordable.

Guest said:

most of what is read about these activations are worldwide numbers, which means more than the US. Technically the recession ended in the summer of 2009, as well. so most of what is read is fluff without the entire story. many of the phones are practically given away with an agreement to pay a paltry monthly bill which could be on a family plan. prepaid counts as well in this matter. Also i have not seen any particular tech company with Help Wanted signs signaling a strong recovery

Guest said:

My Galaxy Nexus is will be a +1 to that figure when it arrives tomorrow!

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

What's scary is that 20,00 of those devices are being activated by other Android devices...

Guest said:

and this is why apple was sueing left and right, cuz they know they will fail at stopping Android.

Guest said:

And deactivating 800,000 a day. ;)

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