Don't Be Evil bookmarklet sidesteps Google's hardcoded Google+ results

By on January 24, 2012, 1:30 PM

A new service from Focus on the User allows users to modify Google search results to shift the focus from the company’s self-promoted products to the most relevant search results for any given query. The browser plug-in was co-developed by engineers from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, although none of these social networks are given precedence in search results the way that Google does with Google+.

Dubbed the Don’t Be Evil bookmarklet, the software essentially does a Google search of Google’s own search results from the first 10 pages and returns the highest ranked social results as judged by Google. Bookmarklet also displays other social profiles that Google found and ranked within the first 10 pages of results.

In the example highlighted on Focus on the User’s website and demonstrated in the video above, performing a Google search for “cooking” results in chef Jamie Oliver’s Google+ page ranked at the top of relevant social results. This is, in fact, not the most relevant social result as Oliver hasn’t updated his Google+ profile in nearly two months.

Doing a regular Google search for Jamie Oliver shows his Twitter profile is the first social result that appears. Thus, when using the Don’t Be Evil bookmarklet, the abandoned Google+ page is replaced by the more relevant Twitter profile which was updated earlier today.

The name of the bookmarklet itself, Don’t Be Evil, plays off of Google’s own informal motto that was originally suggested by Google employees Paul Buchheit and Amit Patel during a meeting. That slogan was deemed fitting as a jab at other companies and competitors who they felt were exploiting their customers or users.

The developers emphasize they are not using any special APIs to gather their search results and furthermore, the code is open source so anyone may use it or make improvements to it. The plug-in is available now at Focus on the User for anyone that is interested in trying it.

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Guest said:

Can you give them some time? They just put this out recently, so let them work out some bugs before adding more content. Besides, if they would have slurped up all the data from all the other social sites, there would have been an uproar on privacy issues. Even when they included their own social network there was a big stink about privacy.

Screwed if you do, screwed if you don't.

Guest said:

surely they have a right to promote there own services?

At no point was there search wrong, twitter was on the first pages as it should be. This was on the right hand bar where Google have all the right to place what ever they want and if they want to use it to promote G+ then that is fine.

As long as what i see when i search the web is correct then i don't mind Google advertising its own service.

Guest said:

No picture!!!!!!

Only a black screen!!

Only sound!!!?

I'm using an iPad


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