Screenshot shows Google Drive with 5GB free, April 16 release

By on March 30, 2012, 1:30 PM

A possible screenshot has revealed that Google Drive may debut with 5GB of free storage space. This counters previous reports which have claimed 1GB will come standard. According to Talk Android, sources say Google Drive is still on track with an April 16 release. However, it may be wise to hedge your bets until Google itself announces a release date.

Since Google will be taking on the likes of Dropbox who offers 2GB free, Box with 5GB and Microsoft who gives a whopping 25GB, the new 5GB figure sounds much more reasonable. However, even with 5GB for free, I have to admit some slight disappointment. I'm sure I am not the only person who was secretly hoping that Google would shake up the status quo like they did with Gmail, offering absurd (for the time) amounts of free storage.

"It's free and installs in seconds" and "5G of free space" the purported screenshot reveals. It also claims that will be home base for Google Drive. Currently though, displays a "Not Found Error 404" message. The fact it throws up a 404 at all is interesting, however. This means the subdomain works -- the content itself is merely missing.

In mid-February, the Wall Street Journal reported that an employee claimed Google Drive was just a couple of weeks away. In hindsight, we see that was a somewhat overzealous estimate, but as more and more information surfaces, we are reminded that release is -- if anything -- getting closer.

Also rumored is a Google Docs-like interface and a localized client program, which the screenshot seems to corroborate. The service is also expected to support APIs which may let developers tie Google Drive to other web-basd services, software and mobile apps.

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amstech amstech, TechSpot Enthusiast, said:

Hey 5GB alright, almost enough for one blu-ray movie. :P

Plenty for photos and music though.

I love how Google is challenging Microsoft and Apple in every aspect lately, can't let them sit on thier hands collecting money and holding the worlds technological state hostage. Push'em.

I want 2560 X 1600 120hz 30" LED monitors for $500 by Christmas!

One can dream.

ElShotte ElShotte said:

Eh. Im so used to Dropbox already, I've been using it since Beta. I don't have a paid plan but gotten so many referrals my space is over 5 gigs.

wcbert said:

Still no free option for those with 2 Terebtyes of photos. Come on Google do this and permit this amount of storage and every pro/semi-pro photographer will use you.

Guest said:

Lol if you have 2 TB of photos, you might as well setup your own backup server.

Guest said:

I'm sure if you want to pay for 2tb of storage they'll have a way for you to do that.

Guest said:

At the moment, I'm still happy with SkyDrive!

Guest said:

Google currently charges $512 per year for 2TB of storage on Google Docs.

Guest said:

Dropbox works great...I don't trust Google anymore...They could offer me 25GB like skydrive and I still wouldn't use it. I try to stay logged out of their services so they can't track me. To bad Google use to have good stuff till they decided they wanted to be evil and take on Facebook and now they have lost their way.

Guest said:

Most fail to understand the whole Google picture.

Photos - Picasa which offers unlimited and free storage

Music - 20,000 songs

Videos - Youtube (which is being synced with G+) which offers unlimited video space (videos dont have to be public)

Docs - for documents and stuff

Everything else would go on Google Drive. A Google account is not just one service, its the full cloud solution

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