Microsoft intros new mice and keyboards tuned for Windows 8

By on July 30, 2012, 10:00 AM

Microsoft has announced multiple keyboards and mice tuned specifically for systems running Windows 8. The majority of new devices are Bluetooth-enabled and compact enough to fit in your pocket, making them an ideal solution for tablet use.

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is a full-size ultra-slim board that features a minimalist design. The $79.95 unit is designed for tablet use and includes Windows 8 Hot Keys for quick access to things like system settings, search and the Charms interface. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and ships with a smart cover that not only protects the input device but also automatically kills power when used to conserve battery life.

Microsoft’s Sculpt Mobile Keyboard features a familiar Comfort Curve design like we have seen on past ergonomic boards. This typer also features Windows 8 Hot Keys, Bluetooth connectivity and enjoys 10 months of battery life which can be monitored and controlled via a two-color indicator and on/off switch, respectively. The Sculpt comes with an MSRP of $49.95.

The aptly-named Wedge Touch Mouse is small enough to fit in your pocket and provides four-way Touch scrolling and navigation. The pointer utilizes Microsoft BlueTrack Technology which allows it to work on nearly any surface, an added benefit for on-the-go use. The $69.95 Wedge mouse conserves battery power by automatically turning off alongside the system it is paired with.

The $49.95 ambidextrous Sculpt Touch Mouse is more of a traditional mouse that includes a four-way touch scroll strip, BlueTrack Technology and Bluetooth connectivity. Microsoft also points out that the Touch Mouse released last year will receive a software update for Windows 8 gesture use.

All of the devices are expected to be ready around the same time that Windows 8 launches in late October.

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Guest said:

Lets get a keyboard and mouse for our tablet... why not just use a laptop or a netbook?

Adhmuz Adhmuz, TechSpot Paladin, said:

And here I thought Microsoft was abandoning the old keyboard and mouse setup by switching to touch UI, is this admittance that there touch UI is flawed from the get go. Why else would you have to market something as archaic as the keyboard for your 21st century OS. Then again who doesn't want to carry around a keyboard in their pocket? You'll be the ultimate geek!

RajeGera RajeGera said:

Sounds cool!!!Lets see how they fit with the games..

Cota Cota said:

Extremely nice jog, they look like sheet xD

Guest said:

That is awesome. Now instead of just carrying a tablet, I can carry a keyboard and mouse as well.

Now all I need is for Microsoft not to include a built in HD, so I can connect an exterior drive with a USB connector.

RubinOnRye RubinOnRye said:

As a future Windows 8 Tablet owner. I will be buying one. Now if they could just make a 17 inch tablet that is slim, then I can have one device rather then two.

stupidusernames said:

My lord...

If you think these are primarily targeted at tablet users you're an *****. Microsoft are trying to have people buy their specific keyboards and mice as apple consumers do.

Some people will use them for tablets, but don't be a fool, that's not the primary target market.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

It's a pity that the mouse image doesn't show how small it is. It really does look like a cool travel mouse, and its touch capability should be useful for people who run Windows 8 on non-touchscreen devices, but I guess for users of tablets it would also be helpful when they'd rather use them on a desktop.

This news item doesn't mention that the keyboard cover doubles as a tablet stand (something I saw on other sites). All in all, this looks like a nice combination for transforming a tablet into a usable PC without having to waste a lot of storage space.

Timothy Kelley Timothy Kelley said:

Because people still clamor for add-ons look how well the transformer prime sold with the $149 keyboard add on. Its not saying that the touch is flawed its just giving people that are not ready to move to a touch only device the opportunity for both.

Remember this is the first time on any tablet that we are seeing a fully integrated OS in a portable touch environment. This is not iOS or Android the Microsoft Surface Pro is a full Function Windows 8 Professional Machine Which means people can be as productive with a tablet as they can with a laptop or computer and that has not been the case up till now. having access to a keyboard and mouse just makes that more so.. they also have cable to hook it up to a full HD monitor.

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