Rise of the Triad returns to PC, expected to launch in 2012

By on August 3, 2012, 2:00 PM

Apogee Software has announced that Rise of the Triad will be returning to PC later this year, a title which is sure to evoke nostalgic feelings for gamers born somewhere between the height of Disco music and Dolph Lundgren's metaphorical portrayal of the Soviet Union's impending collapse.

Rise of the Triad, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is a classic Wolfenstein-like FPS which enjoyed some muted (but certainly not overwhelming) success in the mid 90s.

As some may recall, Apogee is the same company who brought us the original ROTT, Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein and a number of other titles. In the latter half of the 90s, the company began releasing titles under its 3D Realms label but still continued operating under its Apogee namesake. In 2008 though, Apogee adopted its original identity once more and remains alive and well, as suggested by their presence on Steam and their online store.

There aren't many details nor is there a solid release date, but according to GameSpy, the QuakeCon announcement leads us to believe the game will debut "later this year". It is unknown if this will be a rehash, continuation or a reboot, but the game play footage looks like it holds true to its roots.

Although there isn't a lot of information, it appears that ROTT will be rocking the Unreal 3 game engine for greatly improved visuals and physics over the 1994 classic. The game will also feature support for Valve's Steamworks, meaning it'll definitely be available on Steam when it hits shelves. There are expected to be five playable characters, a single player campaign and dozens of "insane multiplayer features" --  what that means exactly wasn't expounded upon, but it sounds intriguing, nonetheless.

Original ROTT gameplay

The original Rise of the Triad actually began its life as a Wolfenstein expansion pack, but the project was scrapped -- ROTT was then born from its ashes. The original game launched in 1994 and required at least a 40MHz 386 DX CPU and 4MB of RAM.

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gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I could be wrong, but wasn't this the first game in which you could dual wield guns?

Guest said:

The graphics looks good but the realism(physics) is bad. Did you saw how the man splits to two when he got shot??? Come on ( sry for the spelling mistakes)

Guest said:

This was most likely the most epic FPS in the way old 486 days for me. it was soooooo coolback then.

I also put down $1000 00000 it will be allot better than the last Duke Nukem.

Rick Rick, TechSpot Staff, said:

the realism(physics) is bad. Did you saw how the man splits to two when he got shot??? Come on

That's probably less about physics and more about just plain old fashioned over-the-top gore. The original was a particularly gory game for the time.

I also put down $1000 00000 it will be allot better than the last Duke Nukem.

I bet you're right. Duke Nukem *did* set the bar pretty low though.

Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

I could be wrong, but wasn't this the first game in which you could dual wield guns?

I'm pretty sure you are correct.

gokul panchal gokul panchal said:

OMG I remember this game, was pretty fun, Lets see how the new one turns out

Guest said:

MP40 with unlimited ammo ftw

MrAnderson said:

It seems like this is going to be a lower budget title. At least at this stage in development, that screen shot with the hands infront of the enemy... I could not tell what was in his hands. The propotions and-or scale seem to be out of wack a little.

Of course it is an upgrade from the original that I used to enjoy. Hope they do the same with other classic FPS games like Blake the series, in which, when you kill a bad guy he yells "medic!" which never got old for me. hahaha

Julio Franco Julio Franco, TechSpot Editor, said:

@Guest, the last Duke game was crap, so there's nothing to see or compare there.

I wonder if the name Rise of the Triad rings a bell with a large portion of gamers, probably not. But either way, it's cool they are reviving this, it brings memories from the shareware days of Doom, Hexen, Blood, Duke3d...

Guest said:

it also brings back memories of modifying the autoexec.bat and config.sys files...omg 90s tweaking

Guest said:

hmm that name sounds familiar but somehow I never played it.

I thought I played almost all the apogee games (mostly in shareware form) guess I somehow missed this one. Guess I've got another game I have to play then.

mmmm oldschool fps goodness

DanUK DanUK said:

Ahhhh this is such a classic, brings back so many old memories. This was one of the first games I played (along with Doom and Duke Nukem etc). Will have to keep an eye on this one!

Guest said:

Apogee was king of games back in DOS days, I remember playing ROTT (I think I still have the original someplace) as well as Duke Nukem 1,2 (side scrollers) & 3D, Commander Keen, etc. Fun days indeed.

DanUK DanUK said:

I still play Raptor: Call of the Shadows on my iPhone.. absolutely fantastic game still to this day.

Guest said:

I hope theres still gods hand, cujo mode and ludicrous gibs.

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