Dotcom given access to NZ$6 million for legal fees and living expenses

By on August 29, 2012, 4:30 PM

A New Zealand court has granted MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom access to an additional NZ$6 million ($4.84 million) in addition to the NZ$750,000 he was granted previously in order to pay legal fees, living costs and rent for his estate just outside Auckland. His legal fees total NZ$2.6 million thus far and will no doubt balloon over the course of his trial.

The money is being secured against a NZ$10 million government bond Dotcom owns. The Internet tycoon is also being allowed to sell some of his luxury vehicles although money from the rides will be withheld until a court decides how those funds can be used.

Dotcom’s car collection was seized as part of the raid on his estate back in January at the request of the US government. He is being permitted to sell nine vehicles from the stable: a Rolls-Royce Coupe, two Mini Coopers, a Toyota Hilux and five AMG class Mercedes Benz luxury cars.

The US government is attempting to extradite Dotcom over claims that his file storage site collected roughly $175 million since 2005. Officials say he and others encouraged members to share copyrighted material while Dotcom maintains the site was simply an online storage locker. He has also accused Hollywood of lobbying the US government to come after him.

Last month a New Zealand court determined the raid on Dotcom’s home and seizure of property was illegal. An appeal from those representing the US has been scheduled for next month while an extradition trial is set for March 2013.

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ikesmasher said:

Let him keep the hilux, hell never need another vehicle...

Tygerstrike said:

Meh im done with this chubby idjit. He is playing the victim when in reality he is just another criminal with money. And as such, he will buy himself out of any trouble. It makes me ill to think that yet another criminal will buy their way out of jail. Justice is supposed to be blind, not for sale.

Trillionsin Trillionsin said:

Well Tygerstrike, think about this.

Pawn shops buy just about anything from people.

People steal shit and pawn/sell it all the time, but what pawn shops do isnt considered illegal.

The law comes in and punishes those who have stolen the items, not the pawn shop.

Now use this analogy with Megaupload. This is just a service, whether people abuse it or not is up to them and whether they want to suffer the consequences.

Now, again... this has been debated and argued upon, so I wont be coming back to see any replies, because I just dont care.

All I know is that Kim Dotcom is now infamous from the whole ordeal. Good for him, hope Megaupload comes back up soon.

Tygerstrike said:


You might be right, however he is just another in a long line of ppl who can buy justice. Your analogy is appropriate however you need to add the pawn shop owner embezzeling from his own store. Then you will have covered MU and Dotcom's situation a bit better. Personally I think he should have to go spend some time incarcerated, it might help him loose some of that fat.

techpoppin techpoppin said:

Wait... So he's loaded but the New Zealand government is giving him an extra $5 million to fight this battle!?!

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