Weekend Open Forum: What kind of television do you have?

By on October 5, 2012, 6:00 PM

I recently had to replace the second-hand television in my bedroom. I’d purchased it from a friend a few years back after it developed a series of vertical lines on the right side of the screen and he no longer wanted it. I was able to overlook the visual distractions but when the backlighting failed and I could no longer see the left side of the screen, I knew it was time to replace the set.

I don’t watch a lot of television – the set in my living room hardly gets used unless I have friends over – but I do enjoy watching late-night talk shows or the occasional Amazon Prime movie at night before I fall asleep. I ended up getting a 42-inch (1080p) Insignia LED set for just shy of $400. It fits perfectly alongside the HTPC opposite of my bed.

With this week’s open forum, we want to know what kind of television you have. Does size / brand matter or do you prefer a specific set of features / price point?

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Kneep said:

Living room - 65" Sharp LCD

Den for computers- 37" LG LCD

Bedroom - 52" Toshiba LCD

Guest said:

I don't own one. I don't see the purpose of a TV when there is nothing on but garbage anymore. I have found that I do a lot more reading, studying, music listening and research. There is a huge world out there besides the pathetic advertising and mindless sit-com and reality show drivel that is spoon fed to the masses. I watch my DVD collection on my laptop if I feel so inclined, but I definitely haven't felt the need to buy a big TV. I wouldn't use it.

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

LG 46" 1080p - have had it for two years and it's been a great TV. I don't see upgrading anytime soon (unless I move into a larger place and want to get a 60" .

ASUS 27" 1920x1200 computer monitor.

ryanderson ryanderson said:

Sony 55" LED, got the top of the line XBR so I didnt have to buy another one for years

TJGeezer said:

Don't have one. Or particularly want one. Wife and I watch on an FPM connected to my computer, when we watch at all.

Kneep said:

I don't own one. I don't see the purpose of a TV when there is nothing on but garbage anymore. I have found that I do a lot more reading, studying, music listening and research. There is a huge world out there besides the pathetic advertising and mindless sit-com and reality show drivel that is spoon fed to the masses. I watch my DVD collection on my laptop if I feel so inclined, but I definitely haven't felt the need to buy a big TV. I wouldn't use it.

How about just don't post if you're an ANTI-TV oddity like this

Kneep said:

Living room - 65" Sharp LCD

Den for computers- 37" LG LCD

Bedroom - 52" Toshiba LCD

Oh and I don't consider TV's these days, TV's, they're just big monitors, I have a computer hooked into each of them, no cable, cable / /satellite are crap IMO, too many adds, download all my TV shows via torrent with the adds edited out

Guest said:

"How about just don't post if you're an ANTI-TV oddity like this [image link]

soldier1969 soldier1969 said:

Samsung LED thin 120hz baby, a 55" and a 40" and use them both every day. Even after having both for over a year now Im still amazed at the vividness and clarity of the HD image. Pricey but they are the Best of the best.

Guest said:

27" Sony Trinitron

Guest said:

Sharp 40in 60Hz LCD. It's a great TV. I prefer 60Hz over 120Hz actually. The picture on 120Hz TV's seems almost computer animated almost fake.... Just my preference I guess

Brand does matter. I wouldn't buy a cheap no=name TV simply because the picture isn't as good. Sharp makes some nice TV's and they aren't crazy expensive like some brands.....

And..... the more HDMI inputs the better. Mine has 4 and that's almost the minimum you can go with these days.

Julio Franco Julio Franco, TechSpot Editor, said:

Just bought a new Samsung 55" LED, very nice and svelte unit. It's supposed to be a "Smart TV" but for that I have a Boxee Box. Also I avoided 3D at all costs (which I mentioned in a previous WOF), in part because I'd never use it and part because that translated in a few hundred in savings.

1 person liked this | mario mario, Ex-TS Developer, said:

LG 42" Plasma (42PA4500) 720p

I just moved to SF and I didn't want to spend that much money on a new TV, found this one for $320 at Frys and I just had to get it.

Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

I have a 32" Prima LCD television I purchased from Best Buy 6 years ago for $500. Been wanting a new one but can't justify replacing a perfectly working tv.

p51d007 said:

I watch COPS, NCIS and other than that, my DVD's and maybe one or two shows on the USA network. I stopped watching all the other networks, the alphabet network news and almost all other tv talking head shows. As for the "tv", I have a tuner in my home computer and that's it. The arms race on the size of the LCD/LED sets is getting as bad as the megahertz race of the computers. I see ****** walking out of big box retail stores with 50, 60, 70" sets and just laugh.

Scavengers Scavengers said:

Home Theater room - VIZIO XVT Series Cinemawide LED 58 inch 21:9 TV Theater 3D

Living room - Vizio 37 inch VW37LHDTV40A 720P (6 years old)

Bedroom - Vizio 32 inch LED LCD


nismo91 said:

32" LCD Toshiba in bedroom for my PC use. just like Kneep I consider them bigger LCD instead of "TV".

Jibberish18 said:

55" LCD Sony Bravia KDL-HX Series. Pretty nice TV overall.

Guest said:

There are way better tvs than Best Buys Insigna garbage for $400. Toshiba,Vizio and even Sony have tvs in that price point. Plus you could have got a good deal with the holidays coming up in a month, I would have waited or simply got a better brand.

My tvs:

63" Samsung 3D Plasma C8000

46" Samsung 3D LCD/LED 240hz D8000

46" Samsung LCD/CCFL 120hz (holiday model, got it for $200 after season was over)

46" Samsung LCD/LED 120hz C6300

40" Samsung LCD/CCFL 120hz

Guest said:

Movie Room - 55 inch LG LED Cinema3D

Family Room - 47 inch Toshiba LCD

Master Bedroom - 47 inch Sharp Aquos

Kids Bedrooms - 32 inch Sharp Aquos x 2 (one is each room)

Outside Deck/Hot Tub area - 32 inch Vizio

:) Love me some TV!!!:)

Guest said:

A 27inch crt flatscreen from RCA. Awsome :)

Scshadow said:

Vizio XVT 1080P 120 hz for my bedroom. The majority of my program viewing is done on my desktop. I usually stream on my sony 3d display monitor which is 24 in 1080P(and unused 3d). My 27 in 1080P samsung display is better suited for my multitasking. Its sufficient for my living arrangement. If I had a proper living room I'd desire 55+ in 1080P.

killeriii said:

60" Sony Bravia, It's a work of art!

I prefer Sony TV's over all others. Motionflow is an amazing technology, and the bravia engine does an excellent job at reproducing crisp content. I watch blurays on it, and they look great!

Also have 2 - 42" TV's in the den for gaming, both are cheap. (RCA, and a Haier)

All are 1080p. Can't wait for 4k to be the norm.

No 3D for me tho, seems too gimmicky. Although I've really enjoyed the 3D movies in theater.

Per Hansson Per Hansson, TS Server Guru, said:

I've got a 37" Panasonic TH-37PX80

It's really nice, at first I bought a 42" Sony 40D3550 but did not like the picture quality.

That was later rectified by changing allot of settings in it though when I had both sets side by side http://hem.spray.se/hanzzzon/Sony_KDL-40D3550.png

My dad later got the Sony, I don't watch much TV at all though...

Shawn: You did not consider fixing the TV? It can be a fun experience


Guest said:

23" transparent display..

Guest said:

Sad to say we are still using about 29" Crt TV. TCL Bluedot.

Dawn1113 said:

I have a 55" 120Hz Sony Bravia in the living room. It's the only TV in my apartment. I do not have it hooked up to the internet. For some reason, I have been unable to set myself to that small task. I've got a DVD player hooked up to it and cable.

Great quality and build. The picture is amazing.

Macgyver56 said:

I do not spend much time in front of the TV. When I do sit down, I only watch stuff on Blu-Ray/DVD. (I do not have any cable TV service.) When I do decide to watch something, I want it to look spectacular.

52" Panasonic Plasma

(I would have gotten a 60", but I couldn't fit it in the only open spot left in a fairly small livingroom.)

An additional benefit of having the plasma TV is that in the winter I can heat the downstairs with it.

Guest said:

Den - 110" Epson projector.

Den - 60" Panasonic Plasma flush with wall motorized projector screen

Bedroom - 48" sony LCD 3D tv

Bedroom 2- 40"Samsung LCD

Damia Damia said:

Funnyly we still using 21" Crt(we are in sri lanka,but lots of people even most of middle class people buy lcd s these days here)....we used dish satellite box....however I personally using 19' LED backlighted one for my PC..and Always connected to internet too...watching movies and tube sites through it..not bad haa...:) the colors are perfect in this samsung ex1920 monitor...however planning to buy new led (lcd) set......In here too many chinese OEm products too....what I chose

moncada said:

I've got two Sony Bravia. a 55" in the living room; a 40" in the bedroom. I use the 55" as a pc monitor as well. nice!

Guest said:

Samsung led tv, 37", 1920x1080 resolution

Benny26 Benny26, TechSpot Paladin, said:

28" Hitachi CRT in my room....seriously.

TVs are expensive, although in a few month I will be upgrading it.

TitoBXNY TitoBXNY said:

I have a 3 year old 55" Sony Bravia LCD in the living room. Just bought a 40" LED Westinghouse for bedroom. My 6 year old Dell 2405 FPW is still kicking it for Gaming.

rvnwlfdroid said:

We currently have 2 TV's. Myself, I'm pretty brand loyal as long as the quality lasts.This is pretty true for any type of devices. For TV's I'm a Sony fan. For the main TV it's a KDF-60XS955 but from say one it has been used as a PC monitor / HTPC monitor / X-Box 360. A few lamps have been replaced but it's still going. The other is an older 36" Sony Grand WEGA that I think has plate glass in the front. We have our Wii connected to it. That's mostly because it can withstand the Wii remote being chucked at it without even batting an eye lash.

Guest said:

72 centimeter diagonal CRT (you figure out what that amount to in inches). Good enough for occasional sports event that I want to see.

Guest said:

It's amusing the see the anti-television snobs have their little tirades then mention they watch TV shows online anyway and fail to see the inconsistency.

Squuiid said:

Mitsubishi HD1000U 720p Projector, 114" image.

(Soon to be upgraded to 1080p Epson 5020UB.)

Folks, if you haven't ever tried a projector as your main TV you're seriously missing out! You can now get something pretty decent for $800+ that will give you a 110" image.



Guest said:

I have a 65" Mitsubishi DLP that I use for my computer monitor and just watch hulu, netflix, etc. I especially like it because it does not have any glare. I cant stand glossy displays. My wife has a 60" Sharp LED that she watches crappy teenie bopper shows on in the other room.

No cable in the house though, both our tvs are just computer monitors.

spydercanopus spydercanopus said:

No TV. It's there to program you.


Well its 60+ yrs old...RCA I think, still works, has a reel to reel and a phoho graph player to..

Adhmuz Adhmuz, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Only one worth mentioning is the 42" Sharp that I've been using for quite a while, to put it in perspective it cost over $2000 when it was bought many years ago. It does 1080p and looks as good as the day it was purchased if not better than the sub $1000 units these days, next TV purchase is sure to be a Sharp, can't go wrong with a company that makes their own panels. Going to need a another soon, the 15 year old 32" CRT in the family room is starting to have trouble. Likely replacement will be a 46" or 50" Sharp or Samsung.

Kneep said:

"How about just don't post if you're an ANTI-TV oddity like this "

An ANTI-TV oddity? There are more people out there that don't have big TVs than this person. I don't have one either. So what? Now I posted. I get my news online, and some shows online, all on my desktop. I have no use for a big TV monitor. So I guess I'm odd too.

Wake up! The question asked was what kinda TV do you own, if you don't own them or like them, WHY POST??? Go troll elsewhere

Deltree Deltree said:

I have a Vizio 42" 120 hz that I use for my gimmicky 3d video games like Black Ops and Avatar, Batman and Crysis 2, and my gimmicky 3d blu ray movies like Captain America and Monsters vs Aliens. Haw haw! I dont watch "television" but I tell you, I just cant stand the awesome 3d that I get from my >50 3d movie collection. Hee hee! the games look better than the movies. what a fad. :) I use the awesome 3d on my awesome tv every single day. the 120 hz makes netflix and other boring 2d movies and games look smooth and vivid. the Vizio I have also has wifi connectivity making things like netflix simple. It is so sad that so many people are scoffing at this tech. I could not enjoy my tv more.

Guest said:

You'll laugh..13" CRT. They laughed at me when in the showers, but I always thought it 'ok' to be small. Hey, makes my apartment look HUGE.

slamscaper slamscaper said:

I have a 37" 1080p Sammy HDTV. It's 60Hz and CCFL based. Nothing special, but it has a great S-PVA panel with deep inky blacks and movies look awesome on it. 120Hz HDTV's aren't even real 120Hz panels anyway, so don't fall for the marketing fluff.

I also have two Dell U2410 (H-IPS LCD) monitors, along with one Dell 2408WFP (S-PVA LCD) monitor.

To tell you the truth, I'm tired of LCD tech. I'm sure a lot of you have never even watched a direct view CRT HDTV, but if you did you would be blown away by the image quality. CRT's are far superior to LCD in every way, except for sharpness, brightness, power consumption, and space requirements.

I long for CRT-like performance in a flat screen format. OLED tech will make that happen in the future. I already have a few mobile devices with AMOLED screens and they blow me away. I can't wait to use larger OLED screens.

spencer spencer said:

60 in vizio 1080p 120hz

veLa veLa said:

Some piece of shit CRT that my friend left at my apartment after he failed out of the university. I never use unless I have buddies over and Adult Swim is on.

Cota Cota said:

I have a 32" TV for my PC, I don't watch neither Public TV or any kind of paid service

Guest said:

Very interesting subject with interesting results.

people do like humongous TVs. 50"? 60"? And over? I have a 40" and I think it's already huge... and I have a big living room.

and lots of sets per household too! I have 1 TV in the living room and that's it. seriously, people!

Guest said:

We have 4 sets. A 120 Hz HD 2D Sony 52" LCD Bravia in the living room. Awsome picture! There is a 46 " Sony 120Hz LCD HD in the office. The snap and color for NASCAR is great! Both have BluRay 2D DVDs attached. There is an ancient 32" CRT Sony in the bedroom, soon to be replaced with a 32" 120 1080 LCD (Sony, of course; I love the color.) There is another RCA CRT 20" for my wife's treadmill in the basement. All are supplied by Verizon FiOS Max HD.

We also have 3 desktops, 2 laptops, 2 tablets, 2 smartphones and a dumb cell phone. Everything is on Verizon 4G/LTE and/or FiOS WiFi and we are happy as clams at high tide.

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