Samsung has no plans to negotiate HTC-like deal with Apple

By on November 15, 2012, 7:30 AM

A few days ago Apple and HTC settled a longstanding patent dispute that resolved all current lawsuits between them. The duo also signed a 10-year licensing agreement that will allow them to share existing and future patents.

It was certainly a step in the right direction given all of the patent lawsuit non-sense we’ve seen as of late and many had hoped that other companies would follow suit. But according to at least one major Apple competitor, that simply isn’t going to happen.

During a media appearance in Seoul, Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun said it was true that HTC agreed to pay Apple (referring to the $267 million they agreed to give Cupertino) but Samsung has no plans at all to negotiate a similar deal – or one at all. As part of the long-tem deal, most believe HTC will be paying $6 to $8 per phone which could very easily come out to around $180 million to $280 million per year.

It’s the latest in the seemingly never ending battle between the fierce rivals and it shows just how far apart the two companies are. Business is still business, however, and Apple has relied on the Korean electronics giant as a parts supplier and manufacturer for some time.

Those business ties are quickly fading as evident by today’s news, however. In fact, just last month a senior Samsung official told the Korea Times that Apple had told them they will no longer use their technology and components in the future.

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ShadowDeath said:

Wait... so let me get this straight, they signed an agreement to allow them to use each-others patents? Does this only apply to the patents that were infringed upon or does it apply across the board to all of their existing patents. If the second part is correct then to me it sounds like Apple just wanted access to HTC's tech. Either way, I'm extremely proud of Samsung. It was a foolish thing for Apple to sue their parts manufacturer and think that Samsung wouldn't hold a grudge of some kind.

Guest said:

Now, who got hard balls? :)

with the lawsuits and countersuits, the courts are getting the pie (docket fees)

EEatGDL said:

Haha, time for Samsung to show what technology is about : true innovations (flexible displays) and make better and cheaper what already exists (bigger NAND memories at a lower cost). Let's see how Apple beats hardware technology with their "innovations"... "oh wait, let's put more pixels in the display!!"

Tygerstrike said:

Yes Apple spouts how much they innovate, however I personally dont see it. All the Iphones released in the past 4 years has been the same crap in a different package. Ok so maybe we give Apple props for the Ipad, no wait, other ppl had invented tablets long before Apple ever produced one. Even Star Trek TNG had data pads. Samsung has continued to innovate in spite of all of Apples litigation. That says something to the consumer. Mainly that even with a giant multi national corporation doing everything they can think of to destroy Samsung, THEY KEEP INNOVATING!!!

Apple started off in the right direction, but quickly lost focus. Samsung has been on track for awhile now. Apple could learn a lot from Samsung. That wont happen untill someone truly busts the Apple.

Guest said:

Too bad... I like my current HTC device, but if Apple is going to get paid if I buy another -- I won't be buying HTC for at least 10 years.

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