At least 10 million 'innocent' files destroyed in MegaUpload shutdown

By on October 21, 2013, 7:30 AM

When MegaUpload got shut down early last year, the fate of millions of files stored in the cloud fell into limbo. A large number of those files met their digital demise earlier this year when Danish web hosting company LeaseWeb wiped the MegaUpload servers they had been operating.

Kim Dotcom was angry at the time but perhaps even more upset were the people that used the service to store legitimate, “innocent” files in the cloud. According to the latest data from researchers at Boston’s Northeastern University, an estimated 10 million innocent files were among those deleted by LeaseWeb.

The researchers ran a study to check the copyright infringement status of files that were uploaded just before the takedown in January 2012. Specifically, they looked at metadata from links to content that had been hosted on the site and took representative samples from a thousand files at a time. From here, they manually decided if the files fit into one of three categories: infringing, non-infringing or undecided.

They ultimately discovered that 31 percent of content on Megaupload was infringing but perhaps more importantly, at least four percent of the 250 million uploads – or around 10 million files – were clearly original content. Furthermore, researchers were unable to determine the nature of 65 percent of files uploaded which means many of those could have also been original content created by users and not copyrighted material.

If nothing else, the whole fiasco should instill the importance of having multiple backups of important data in multiple locations.

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ikesmasher said:

Or uploading your original data to a service that ISNT known for assisting in piracy.

I mean, multiple locations is good too, but the above should sort of be common sense.

Guest said:

I never use file sharing sites and cloud anymore in my life.

No problem anymore.

Torrent, emule, P2P etc.

All other sucks

Guest said:

Deposit deleted 4 days old file, cpoyright problem.

Not was copyrighted file, was personal data.

they are all shit.

cliffordcooley cliffordcooley, TechSpot Paladin, said:

"At least 10 million 'innocent' files destroyed in MegaUpload shutdown"

And that is what is wrong about shutting down the whole site. The bastards that are shutting these sites down, need to die if they are not going to take a little time learning what to take down.

Let me rephrase. If they are not going to respect our personal data, why should we care about theirs? The more of these sites taken down disregarding originality, the less respect I have for them and their property.

Tygerstrike said:

I have to agree with Ike on this one. Yes they provided a service originally intended for EVERYONE. But it quickly degenerated into a piracy site. No one should save ANYTHING in the "cloud" period. Maybe music, because if you lost a song or two, it wouldnt be as devastating as say loseing your kids pictures. Or someother important document.

cliffordcooley cliffordcooley, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I have to agree with Ike on this one.
Yeah, but I wonder what the ratio of users are, between those who are aware of the differences of one site to another against those who do not. Pointing a finger at someone and telling them they shouldn't be so ignorant, is no excuse for deleting their files without warning.

dennis777 dennis777 said:

Thats why cloud storage is not so reliable..

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