Apple patent points at auto disposable email address tech to combat spammers

By on February 14, 2014, 5:15 PM

Based on a patent filing, Apple appears to be interested in developing a new email system that will help to better filter spam mail, among other things.

Titled, "Disposable email address generation and mapping to a regular email account," the tech proposed does just that, offering automatic and convenient disposable email addresses to users in order to keep junk mail out of their main account. The tech also has a system that will allow users to track which services were responsible for sending the junk mail.

Many people use dummy (or temporary) email addresses that are forwarded to a permanent main account in order to avoid unwanted spam. This technique allows users to give out the dummy address to services that might lead to unwanted digital junk mail. While it does work, it is likely more of a cumbersome process compared to some kind of integrated system from Apple.

The patent filing suggests these disposable accounts from Apple will be easily generated for the user, and that if or when it gets taken over by spam, users can easily ditch it for a new one without having to manually open a new temp email account somewhere. It also appears that users can choose to implement context information to a disposable address, which will allow them to see which vendor or service gave the disposable address to the third party spam sender.

Beyond that, the patent goes into various applications of the technology like graphical user interfaces for what looks like a dedicated app and a web client as well as browser extension and email client implementation.

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wastedkill said:

Wow apple is gonna be suing over 10,000 companies/websites once this gets approved, thats gonna earn them what $90billion after winning all the lawsuits.

9Nails, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I've been using for years for this purpose.

OliTheG OliTheG said:

If they get this I will be absolutely disgusted. And it will be the proof that Apple pays off officials to get patents to be honest.

Here are 5 websites and a google link to sites that do this very generic thing.


So they are patenting tech that already exists. By definition, they should not be able to patent it, and should be disgusted.

bexwhitt said:

I think I will patent the chair.

waterytowers said:

Seriously, who has a gmail account and has seen spam? I have not seen any spam in my gmail account since I first set it up and I set mine up as soon as I got access to gmail, some time during the trails. Even Microsoft with its does a good job with spam these days. I don't really see a need for disposable email addresses, especially when they are attached to your regular account? Now the bad people just hijack an account and start sending like before...

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