New DVDn may allow for multiple endings to films

By Derek Sooman on
OK, you know how I have the Star Wars obsession, yeah? Well, many is the time over the years that I'd wished that there was a version of "The Empire Strikes Back" that had an alternate ending, where Luke did turn to the Dark Side. I often wished that there was - somehow - a DVD version of the movie that could play with an alternative ending - one that changed the whole course of the plot from then on, all acted and directed with the same passion as the original.

Well, it appears that the entertainment industry has had the same idea.

"[COLOR=royalblue]Imagine it was Kate Winslet's character that died at the end of Titanic, rather than Leonardo DiCaprio's. Or that Luke had joined his father on the dark side of the Force. How would these events have changed the course of the characters' respective movies? The technology is called DVDn, or "DVD to the Nth degree," as DKP's vice-president of business development, John Morch, calls it. The idea is similar to the choose-your-own-adventure books that became popular in the 1980s a reader would follow the story until a certain point, whereupon he or she would be asked to make a choice. Each choice would require turning to a different page, and the story would continue, branching in a new direction.[/COLOR]"

More and more, I believe that we are standing on the cusb of a time where computer games and movies will merge. Just look at The Matrix Reloaded, it was almost like watching a computer game being played, and I was practically screaming out in the movie theatre for a joypad. Now, imagine a whole new generation of movie - a whole new type of entertainment model - films for the DVD age - where the viewer could influence and control the flow and direction of the story....

Well, apparently, its coming...

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