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3D Spotlight : Hardware : MSI-8809 AGPhantom GeForce review

MSI-8809 AGPhantom GeForce review
Posted by Julio Franco on June 19, 2000 - Page 3/5
Company: MSI Computer     Product: AGPhantom 8809 GeForce

The Card & Overclocking

The MSI 8809 is based on NVIDIA’s reference board so it should perform almost exactly as other 32mb SDRAM boards in the market, apart from the standard VGA connector it also came with a TV-out connector, that is a big plus considering this is supposed to be a “cheap” card in order to compete with the rest of board manufacturers.

The card came default clocked at 125/166mhz (core/memory respectively), which is pretty standard but as you could have imagined, we didn’t wait much to pump it up and see how high we could go overclocking this card.

As you can see on the image above, MSI ships the 8809 with a small heatsink/fan combo, which does a fine job keeping the GeForce chip cool. I was a bit worried at first because I did notice that my system temperature went up after I switched to the MSI card but then I noticed that the fan didn’t come well attached to the card out of the box. I just pressed the pins correctly and it seemed to get well attached then, anyway be cautious, as this could have damaged the chip due to overheating.

The memory that came in my board was rated 5.5ns (183mhz) but I was sure I could get more of it, using the standard NVIDIA utility for overclocking I could get the card working up to 150/195mhz… that is really good for a GeForce card.

Test System

Here are the system specs of the machine I used for testing the MSI 8809:

  • AMD Athlon 500mhz @ 550MHz (110mhz bus)
  • Abit KA7 Slot A motherboard
  • 128MB PC100 SDRAM
  • Maxtor DiamondMax 40 Plus 30.7gb
  • Pioneer 10x DVD drive
  • SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
  • MSI 8809 GeForce card running @ 150/195mhz
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