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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Microstar 6337 i815E Pro motherboard review

Microstar 6337 i815E Pro review
Posted by Adam Klein on September 28, 2000 - Page 2/6
Company: MSI Computer     Product: Microstar 6337 i815E Pro motherboard

Features and Specs

As you can see, the 815E Pro 6337 is a very feature rich board. Not everyone will agree with the integrated features, but luckily these can be disabled. All motherboards that feature the 815 chipset will have this type of integration since the features exist in the ICH2 chip.

Also, what's not listed here is the ability to adjust the front side bus speed by 1MHz. This feature is great for any overclocker. Plus, if you have PC100 RAM, you can select a 133MHz and still have the memory clock at 100MHz. The same can be said for PC133 and a 100MHz bus. You can still operate the memory at 133MHz even if you have a 100MHz bus. If you plan to use a 66MHz bus with PC66 memory, then you may be out of luck. The 815 automatically sets the memory speed to 100MHz, even if the bus speed is at 66MHz.
Socket 370 for Intel(R) Celeron(TM) / Coppermine (FC-PGA) processors of 500, 550, 600, 633, 667 MHz and higher up to 866MHz.
Four PC133 SDRAM DIMM slots supporting up to 512MB using 16/64/128/256 Mbit technology
One CNR (Communication Networking Riser) slot; One AGP slot (2X/4X mode); Six PCI slots.
2D/3D graphics integrated in chip using Intel DVM Technology. Optional AGP In-line Memory Module (AIMM) support.
DirectSound AC'97 audio integrated in chip.
Form Factor:
ATX form factor
Plug & Play BIOS providing DMI (Desktop Management Interface) function.
Intel(R) 815 + Intel(R) ICH2 chipset. Supports 66/100/133MHz bus speeds
On-Board IDE:
Two dual channeled PIO Bus Master IDE controllers supporting UDMA 66/100.
On-Board Peripherals:
One floppy port; One serial ports; One parallel port; Four USB ports (2 on board rear connectors + USB front pin header); One VGA port; One Audio / Game port

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