Benchmarks: Gaming

On a high-end gaming system equipped with two GeForce GTX 980 Ti cards, ARMA 3 sees a 10% increase in minimum frame rates when going from DDR4-3000 to 4000, which is surprising. DDR4-4000 even provides a noteworthy increase over 3600MT/s memory, it would be interesting to find what'd be the limit here.

CoD Black Ops 3 sees a more minuscule 4% boost in minimum frame rates, when going from DDR4-3000 to 4000, though interestingly the average frame rate is increased by 7% at 156fps.

Civilization Beyond Earth clearly appears to max out at DDR4-3600.

Fallout 4 is a unique animal and you won't see many, if any games, that scale quite how it does. Although DDR4-4000 wasn't a huge step forward over the 3600MT/s memory, it was a whopping great step from 3000MT/s delivering a 19% greater minimum frame rate.

Tom Clancy's The Division doesn't scale up all that well with the higher memory speeds and DDR4-4000 was just 8% faster than the lowly 2133MT/s memory.

Finally, we looked at memory performance in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and found some interesting results. Although the minimum frame rate from DDR4-3000 to 4000 went almost unchanged, we did see a 7% increase in the average frame rate.