Power Consumption Comparison

This isn't the most realistic consumption test as many power saving features are disabled in our 4GHz clock-for-clock comparison. It's also not the most scientific because I've had to increase voltages for the Ryzen CPUs above spec to stabilize an all core 4GHz overclock.

All that said, we see that the 1600X and 2600X systems consume the exact same amount of power. Meanwhile, the 8700K system consumed 3% less power making it slightly more efficient under these test conditions.

When testing with Far Cry, power consumption was much the same across the board, seeing all CPUs push the total system consumption to around 380 watts.

Here we see a 10% reduction in power consumption when moving from the 1600X to the 2600X in Blender. That's an impressive improvement for the 2600X, but even so it still consumed 21% more power than the 8700K.

This time when testing with HandBrake the 2600X actually pushed total system consumption 7% more higher than the 1600X and a whopping 32% higher than the 8700K.