Editors Liked

  • It is easy to add special interest "channels.", It connects to your own photo streams from Flickr and Facebook or Frame Channel, The Netflix channel is enhanced and easy to navigate, It is a small, lightweight unit that can fit into your purse or laptop c
  • Affordable sub-$100 price tag; ultrasmall factor; streams a variety of Internet video and audio services, including Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Major League Baseball games, and Mediafly podcasts; built-in Wi-Fi, including dual-band 802.11n in highest-end

Editors Didn't Like

  • Setup is easy but cumbersome and time consuming, The picture quality is poor, The channels for connecting to you networked computers and devices is confusing, can connect to only one source at a time, and it never worked, The unit is flimsy and seems like
  • Ever cheaper Blu-ray players offer many of the same Internet-viewing options plus disc playback; video quality varies from channel to channel, depending upon provider and source material; setup and content queues usually require at least some PC intera