Reviewers Liked

  • Slim and good looking, Snappy performance (for JPEGS), Versatile lens, handy shooting modes
  • Sleek design, 15x optical zoom from 24360mm, 8fps at full resolution, fast AF for a compact
  • Built-in GPS. 1080p video capture. Solid low-light performance. Special Noise Reduction mode. Manual controls
  • Sleek and elegant chassis; EXR mode useful for backlit or low-light situations; 8fps burst mode good for capturing action
  • Quick shutter, Impressive display resolution, Simultaneous RAW and JPEG capture, Intuitive physical and digital UI

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Shadow image noise at low ISO, Mode dial is a little stiff, Softlooking JPG images
  • Heavy noise reduction smudges fine details of photos (lower the resolution for best results), Strong corner blurring, which Fuji says is acceptable (quality control problem?), Redeye, Yellow color cast under artificial lighting (or at least my artificial
  • RAW write speeds too slow, Video focusing too erratic, Strange burst mode options
  • While good, image quality hasn't improved from the F300EXR. Slow Raw write times
  • Images are soft in the outer regions. Slower-than-average boot-up time
  • GPS module slow to lock-on; slow startup time
  • Battery life, Some might be scared off by its size – a little too big for the average pocket, Digital noise above ISO 1,600, Price – paying more over $300 for a point-and-shoot can be a hard sell