Editors Liked

  • Better than average low light photos, Effective EXR modes, Good color reproduction, Good build
  • Compact design, good photo quality even in low light, EXR mode, rugged build, wide-angle 10x zoom, dual image stabilization, 720p HD video recording
  • Great image quality. Little noise at low ISOs. Minimal shutter lag. HDMI out
  • Dynamic Range Priority works very well, Excellent face detection system with automatic red-eye removal, Good build quality, Useful zoom range, Competitive price
  • The photo quality is hard to beat on this compact digital camera
  • A 3inch LCD screen makes framing shots and viewing images much easier
  • Simple to use, looks good, versatile zoom
  • Clean pictures even at high ISO settings; interesting shooting modes like Pro-Focus; decent performance

Editors Didn't Like

  • Images could have been sharper, Menu systems could have been better, Average 720p HD video and MJPEG codec, Awkward flash position
  • Photos seem a bit soft, no manual control for focus, price
  • Antiquated user interface. Less zoom than some same-size competitors. HD video capture is 24fps, not 30fps. Proprietary USB port
  • JPEG-like artefacts in images taken at full resolution, Noise at highest ISO settings makes them almost unusable, Poor Auto White Balance performance
  • The icons on the display screen disappear quickly
  • The battery life on this digital camera is poor
  • Overly aggressive pixel smoothing
  • Flash position is awkward; limited aperture control; occasional inconsistent white balance