Editors Liked

  • Very nice auto stereoscopic display, Twin CCDs, two lenses, For adventurous shutterbugs, Terrific Advanced 2D options
  • Still the only real 3D camera on the market, Significant manual control over 2D and 3D, Glassesfree 3D viewing, Clever use of dual lenses for simultaneous shots, Reasonably good 720p video and stereo sound, Sidebyside capture of 2D with 3D
  • Captures 10-megapixel 3D photos and high-definition video in 3D. Large, 3.5-inch LCD produces 3D images without glasses. Unique 2D shooting modes. Pocketable build. Simple operation

Editors Didn't Like

  • Expensive, No stabilization or AF assist lamp, No zoom with 3D video
  • Lackluster image quality; leans to overexposed, soft images, Seeing 3D requires an expensive TV or desktop display, 3D formats don't work with Macs or most software, Too expensive compared to equivalent 2D cameras, Poor in low light
  • Holdingposition, physical size, HD video quality
  • Not every shot results in an eye-popping 3D image.3D LCD doesn't require glasses, but can look blurry unless you view from the right angle